Friday, 30 March 2007

Photographer - Joe Oppedisano

Just what you want after a photo shoot.... to wrestle in the mud with your fellow model ..

Washing each other off can be fun too, you never know what may happen next..

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Cruise passengers charged in drug bust

FOUR cruise ship passengers have been charged with possessing prohibited drugs following a police operation at Sydney's Darling Harbour prior to boarding for a gay cruise.

At about 1pm (AEST) yesterday, police from the Marine Area Command, Customs personnel and the drug dog squad detected five people in possession of illicit drugs from 1200 passengers boarding a ship for a three-day New South Wales cruise.

A 38-year-old Surry Hills man, who was allegedly detected with 20 tablets, was arrested and charged with supply and possess a prohibited drug.
A 26-year-old man from Wantirna in Victoria, a 35-year-old man from Glenmore in Victoria, and a 37-year-old Darlinghurst man were all charged with possessing prohibited drugs after dogs allegedly detected drugs including LSD, speed and GHB.

They will all appear at the Downing Centre Local Court on April 24.
A 55-year-old man was issued a caution notice after he was allegedly found to be in possession of one gram of cannabis.

Sergeant John Cox from the Marine Area Command said the drug dog operation was launched based on risk assessment and intelligence.

"Police will continue to conduct similar operations based on information we gather and we will continue to arrest and charge any person in possession of illicit drugs," he said.
The cruise ship was allowed to set sail at 6pm (AEST).

My thoughts on this story:

Well done to the police, the cost of the operation would have been into the tens of thousands of dollars to arrest 5 people out of 1200.

It seems we will have to get use to the attention, aren't we lucky we ask for more police protection and this is what we get, the drug squad with dogs......great.

My gosh what about spending the money on protecting the gay community.

I feel safer walking out of a gay club in Adelaide than Sydney.

History - What has led to this...

At a straight rave party a girl died of an overdose, what the media failed to tell us was that this girl walked from the party on her own, and died the next day at her home.
So is the party responsible for her death??? (I was told this fact by one of the medical team at another party)

A week later the police with a massive police presence with drug dogs closed down the Azure (Harbour Party) 2 hours early after arresting 26 people on various possesion and using recreational drugs.

Then they followed this up with yet another large presence with dogs outside the Mardi Gras After Party at Fox Studio's, then the raids on all the Gay Clubs olong Oxford St, now the searches prior to going on a Gay Cruise..all in the Month of March.. whats next?

Please comment..

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Thursday, 29 March 2007

Happy Gay Boy Pops Cork

I'm a happy camper this morning as I have managed to turn a two column blog into a three, and it was not easy...

I think i might have a drink to celebrate..

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Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Michael Phelps breaks Thorpedo's World Record

Michael Phelps has smashed Ian Thorpe's world 200m freestyle record, recording a time of one minute 43.86 seconds to defend his world title at the 12th FINA World Championships.

The expected battle between Phelps and Dutchman Pieter Van Den Hoogenband did not eventuate, with the American blowing the 2000 Olympic gold medallist away in the final 100 metres of the race.

In the end, the biggest battle was between Phelps and the clock, and the American sensation won out, breaking the championship and world mark set by the Australian in the 2001 world championships in Fukuoka by 0.20 of a second.

He becomes the first swimmer to set a new world mark in the Susie O'Neill Pool, and adds this gold to the one he won in the men's 4 x 100m relay.

Already the most successful swimmer in world championships history before this event, Phelps has now built the foundation of a championships that could yield eight gold medals.

I will say Phelps is not the cutest boy but he is the best male swimmer in the world today, to celebrate what will be a huge week in the pool at the 12th FINA World Championships for him I have posted some great pictures of him below.

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Hot Boy

They say a picture tells a thousand words... well one comes to mind for me "yummy", this is for you Leonard, ENJOY !

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"I am Gay" says Callea

Anthony Callea the Idol runner up has spoken regarding his sexuality.

"Yes, I am gay,” says Callea. “But I want it clear that I am proud, happy, comfortable and confident in who I am. And I have no issue with my sexuality."

After dodging the rumours surrounding his sexuality since he first sprang onto our TV screens, the former Australian Idol contestant announced his news late yesterday afternoon, with news hitting the public in the wee AM hours of this morning.

"I'm comfortable enough to come clean now,” he says. “It's a weight off my shoulders.”
Adding that he regrets not coming out sooner in his career.

"You learn from your mistakes. I was 21, 22 at the time," he said. “I didn't want to be known as just the gay contestant from Idol. It was a very confusing time."

Whatever his reasons, I am so happy he has decided to be true to himself and his fans.

It’s a great, bold, positive move.

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Monday, 26 March 2007

Ian Thorpe: I'm Not Gay

In his most revealing interview ever, the notoriously private Ian Thorpe has finally opened up about his personal life and the constant speculation over his sexuality.

Speaking to the Australian Good Weekend magazine, Thorpe today revealed why the talk originally started. “I became a gay icon when I was 15,” he said, “which was a little bit weird. When I was 17, everyone had started that speculation about me, though I didn’t hear about most of it.”

“I don’t have a problem with being a gay icon,” he continued, “it’s not a big deal to me. But I think the gay speculation, along with when I was accused of taking drugs in 2000, was an attempt to pull me down from the top.

Some people think it’s an insult to say, ‘Oh I think he’s gay’, but I don’t take it that way. I’m not gay. I’m lucky that within myself I don’t care enough to get worried or upset over it.”
The Good Weekend journalist, Janet Hawley, put the million dollar question to Thorpie: if he were gay, would he be comfortable coming out and saying so?

“I have no idea, because I’m not gay,” he responded. “I don’t think anyone should have to be asked that question. You don’t have to come out and declare you’re straight. It shouldn’t be a big deal today, but people still get hang-ups over it.”

The main reason most people have labelled Thorpe as gay are his not-so-typical traits, from designing pearl necklaces to taking care of his appearance. But that’s nothing, says Thorpe.

“Guys are just guys, girls are just girls, all of us are different. Some guys are more in touch with their feminine side, interested in design and quirky things, some are blokey blokes.”

And there you have it, straight from the swimmer’s mouth: Ian Thorpe is not gay, ok?

.........right and pigs can fly.

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12th FINA World Championships

Park Tae-hwan of South Korea pulled off an upset at the first swimming final of the world championships Sunday, coming from behind to knock off Aussie favorite Grant Hackett in the 400-meter freestyle.
Park made a furious sprint over the final 50 meters, passing three swimmers Hackett included before he touched the wall in 3 minutes, 44.30 seconds to become South Korea's first world champion.
In fact, it was the first medal of any kind for the South Koreans in the history of the world aquatic championships.

Another first was the 4 x 100 mens freestyle African American swimmer, He is the first to ever represent America in a world championships and thus the first to ever win a medal and that colour was GOLD.

South Africa's Roland Schoeman wins back to back world title in the 50metre butterfly, he took 1 breath only...

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Philippines: Police Chief Warns Gay Cops, "Don't Sway Hips"

The Philippine National Police warned its gay officers not to sway their hips or demonstrate provocative behavior while on duty or they risk losing their jobs.

"If they sway their hips while marching, or if they engage in lustful conduct, I think that will be ground for separation" from the service, Chief Supt. Samuel Pagdilao said.

Still, the PNP says that homosexuals are welcome to join the police force, provided that they refrain from immoral and indecent behavior.

"As an institution, the PNP does not look at or interfere with one's sexual preference," Pagdilao told Manila Radio DZXL. "But it does look at its members' conduct. If they behave within the norm, I don't think we'll have a problem."

He also said cross-dressers, those who are wearing clothing commonly associated with the opposite gender within a particular society, are definitely not allowed in the police force.

The PNP was established as an institution in the late 1980s. There are 119,000 members of the PNP, 10 percent of whom are women, in the 16 regions in the country.

The Philippines has a reputation for tolerance toward homosexuality.


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Sunday, 25 March 2007

Check out DNA April edition

Thanks to my lovely boy, and DNA for these exclusive pictures.

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Hot Thai Boy

Model Name: Jeffierce
Profession: Professional Dancer, Model
Hometowns: Chiang Mai, Thailand / Honolulu, Hawaii,
USResidence: Los Angeles / San Francisco, CA
Statistics: 5′8″ Tall /Athletic Build
Education: College Grad
Religion: None
Interests: Working out, dancing, clubing, cooking for my boyfriend, hang out with friends, sports, fashion, movies, music, wine, shopping, myspacing, travel, dinning out…

I'm sure you would all agree Jeffierce is a hottie.... you can cook for me anytime !!!

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Next Top Model catfight

A BITCH fight resulting in a dismissal has broken out behind the scenes of Australia's Next Top Model.The Foxtel reality show was packed with more stitches and bitches action off-camera than on last week, when male stylists Jonathan Pease and Dario Cotroneo came to blows over a disagreement on the models' hairstyles.

Just minutes before the model wannabes were due to hit the catwalk in a Bonds fashion parade at Paddington's Fringe Bar, the simmering tempers exploded after fashion guru Pease quizzed Cotroneo - the program's hairstylist - over the dos.

The argument turned into a scuffle, with series producer Margee Brown forced to break up the fight as shocked fashionistas watched open-mouthed. "The girls were about 20 seconds before going on stage and Dario was fixing their hair, but Jonathan came out and asked him what the hell he was doing,'' one onlooker told Confidential yesterday.

"It was pretty full-on. They got into a shoving match and had to be pulled apart. From what I understand, there has been bad blood between them since the show started.''

As Pease's role is integral to the program, it was Cotroneo who was asked not to return to the set the following morning, and he has not worked on the program since.

"We're all working pretty hard, everyone's in each other's faces, and unfortunately things can get out of hand,'' a spokeswoman for the program said yesterday.


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Best-dressed garbage collector

SUPERMODEL Naomi Campbell is the best-dressed garbage collector in New York City, treating her community service as another trip down the runway.

Wearing a $US8000 floor-length Dolce&Gabbana gown and stiletto heels, Campbell looked like she was heading to the Oscars.

After her final day of penance, she stepped into her chauffeur-driven silver Rolls-Royce and sped away to freedom as locals watched in amazement.

The model, 36, had pleaded guilty to assault for throwing a phone at her maid last year in Campbell's Park Ave apartment over a missing pair of jeans. The crystal-encrusted phone hit Ana Scolavino in the head, and she required four stitches.

In an agreement negotiated with prosecutors, Campbell was ordered to perform five days of community service, take anger management classes and pay $US363 ($A450) in restitution to Scolavino, as well as pay her hospital bills.

Her duties at the sanitation facility included cleaning "pretty dirty" toilets.
Some may have expected Campbell to wear grubby work clothes, but instead she wore a range of glamorous outfits during the week, including designer sunglasses, black patent stiletto boots and a cropped fur jacket.


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Saturday, 24 March 2007

What a Week ....It's alright I'm O K

What a week.

I attended a house fire which was fully involved in fire, while inside, in the smoke I was using a thermal imaging camera when one of my legs went straight through the floor, one leg went right through the other twisted and remained above the floor.

I was stuck, the house was still on fire, thankfully the other guys noticed I was about 3 feet shorter than normal and they pulled me out.

Two days later I was driving from a soccer game to the ice hockey when, I had my first car crash, after a clean record for for 23 years I was involved in a chain accident.

I was hit from behind (Oh I like that) and then got slammed into the guy in front of me. I know sounds like my fantasy being in the middle but this was a car accident remember. So my ass and front are a little worse for wear.

When I got hit you would anticipate a gay boy to screech, but I just yelled out "FUCK" then got out of my car. The next word was "FUCK" when I looked at my car. I wanted a full right off, I was disappointed with the minimal damage.

All should be fine, my car will be fixed next week, at no cost to me and I am fine, thankfully no injuries.

So I am O K as I would say to Bruce & Leonard on the dance floor off my face..

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Enjoy these boys

Just in case any of these outfits be it underwear or swimwear interest you, if you had noticed them they are available from Undergear. Over the years I used to buy from them and they would send a really hot catalogue every change in season.

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Friday, 23 March 2007

Glen Mitchell Photography

Glen Mitchell's relationship with photography commenced on the other side of the lens, with a successful career as a model.

He is renowned for his black and white intimate portraits, his provocative male nudes are published and ehibited all over the world.

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Thursday, 22 March 2007

Cruise to star in Hitler film

TOM Cruise is to star in a World War II thriller about a plot to assassinate Adolph Hitler, reports said today.

The 44-year-old Mission Impossible star will take a central role of the untitled film, which will be directed by Bryan Singer of The Usual Suspects and Superman Returns fame, reports said.

Movie industry press said the film would be the second made by United Artists since Cruise took over the company last year following his acrimonious split with Paramount.

The movie is based on a real-life plot hatched by German generals to kill Hitler during World War II.

Cruise, regarded as one of the most bankable stars in Hollywood with $3.2 billion in receipts, is currently working on political drama Lions for Lambs, with Robert Redford and Meryl Streep.


My thoughts are;

Is this not another big budget remake of a classic. I am sure I have seen a movie called "The plot to kill Hitler".

I believe some things should just be laid to rest, this movie will only stir memories of the world war 2 and the evil and unthinkable acts to man kind that this man was responsible for.

Why I ask do we have to glamorise the plot to assignate him. Come on Tom put your money into a movie that does not revolve around an evil dictator.

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Elton John urges fight against homophobia

Sir Elton John has launched a scathing attack on the world's homophobic "bigots".

Despite it being 40 years since homosexuality was decriminalised in the UK, the singer has admitted that he still felt nervous about people's reactions when he entered into a civil partnership with his long-time love David Furnish in December 2005.

"I wanted to shout about it but I still felt nervous about the public's reaction," he wrote in the New Statesman. "I had feared that abusive, banner-waving bigots would try to spoil the occasion."

In his article Sir Elton calls for homophobia to be "shouted down" both in the UK and around the world."Whether the bigot is in our local pub or a thousand miles away, we should all stand up and speak out for basic human rights," he said.

"There has been substantial progress on gay rights in Britain, but we can't be complacent, not when homophobia still exists here and not when people around the world live in fear solely because of their sexuality."

He has joined forces with Amnesty International to draw attention to the problem of abuse against gay people. Putting a human face on the problem, the campaign focuses on William Hernandez, a human rights campaigner in El Salvador who has received death threats for his work.

"I shout out to William, a brave guy doing a dangerous and vital job," Sir Elton concludes. "My voice has served me pretty well over the years; I hope maybe it can do him some good, too. But we need more voices."


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Wednesday, 21 March 2007

Go Sweeden

The Church of Sweden has announced it will perform gay wedding ceremonies if the Swedish parliament changes the current legislation to include same-sex marriage. The church already performs blessings of civil unions.

The church would join the United Churches of Christ, which already celebrates same-sex weddings, as do some Reform Jewish synagogues and the Unitarian Church and Metropolitan Community Churches in North America.

Civil unions in Sweden have been legal since 1995, conferring most of the benefits and obligations of marriage.

However, in August, a parliamentary committee concluded that the civil-union law was outdated and recommended that the government allow full same-sex marriage.

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World Police and Fire Games

10,000 of the World's best Police and Firefighters are in Adelaide at the moment competing in sports similar to that of the Olympic Games.

I have spent most of my free time at the Ice Hockey arena where teams from Russia, Finland, America, Canada, Czech Republic, Australia and Norway have been competing.

Although my understanding of the sport is limited I have been explained most of the rules which has been great.

I have noticed their are some really hot guys under all that padding, I thought I would tease you all, with a couple of images.

Czech Fire vs Vancouver Fire

I love Ice Hockey, ever since I went to a game in Seattle I have tried to watch the Stanley Cup but this is only on Foxtel which I cancelled two years ago.

The pace of the game the bumps and checks, it really is a great spectator sport. I know as a gay boy this might seem weird but I love the V8's and theAFL too.

Don't worry I love to watch swimming and diving, that does make up for it.........?

I must say this event is bigger than I ever imagined with over 30 million dollars expected to be injected into our economy.

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Tuesday, 20 March 2007

Robert Laliberte

Robert Laliberté, Canada's renowned gay French-Canadian photographer celebrates 30 years of photograghy this year.

Over the years, although he has worked with different subject matters, Laliberté has built his solid reputation mainly on his stunning nudes of the male body; pictures in which he artfully sculpts the male body with light, revealing a natural sensuality without ever being explicit.

His photos of the black male body in particular are very evocative in both an artistic and sensitive way.
Troughout his career Laliberté has collaborated with numerous publications and his photographs have already been widely exhibited in Canada and abroad.

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British School Program Teaches Kids About Same-Sex Families

Thanks to a new educational project, UK school children are learning about queer families.

The program, called No Outsiders, utilizes books like King & King, in which a prince decides to be with a male, and And Tango Makes Three, in which two male penguins have a child.

The program is currently running in 14 different British schools, and is directed towards children ages 4 through 11.

[Full Story & Source]

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Keith might have to get used to "Coffee for one"

This might be Keith whilst down under...

With Keith Urban heading down under today for a promotional tour, he will have to do it all alone. His wife Nicole Kidman will not be accompanying him as she has movie commitments to fulfill. It was thought she might head over with Keith but not to be, insiders report.
Following his publicity visit, which begins today, Urban will return for a tour starting in Brisbane on May 11, before playing concerts in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth

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Blanchett signs to be with Indiana Jones

Cate has just signed to star alongside ageing Harrison Ford in an upcoming addition to the Indiana Jones series.

While the specifics of Blanchett's role are being kept under wraps - along with David Koepp's screenplay - it is believed the 36-year-old beauty will feature prominently in the flick.

Ford will definitely be reprising the title role he made famous in the '80s - though, at 64, it's unsure whether he will be more convincing in the role of intrepid archaeologist or one of his fossils more than a quarter of a century after the original hit the big screen.

Not that he is likely to be the oldest cast member on set, with Sean Connery also linked to the project - reprising his role as Indiana's father.

Steven Spielberg will direct the flick - currently known simply as Fourth Instalment of the Indiana Jones Adventures - when it starts shooting in June, with Star Wars creator George Lucas signing on to produce.

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Photographer - David Morgan

These terrific images were taken by David Morgan, another very talented photographer. To view or purchase these prints and others, check out his website.

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