Monday, 30 April 2007

Boy George Arrested

BOY George has been arrested after a male escort claimed the gay singer chained him to a wall.

Auden Carlsen, 28, said he had gone back to George's flat after agreeing to pose for photos.
But once there he claims he was grabbed by the 45-year-old ex-Culture Club star and another man and shackled to a wall.

Carlsen says he fled in his underpants after wrenching a hook from the wall of the flat in Shoreditch, East London. He rang police from a local newsagent on Saturday morning.

Carlsen says he met George on the Gaydar website - a dating service for gay men - but only agreed to visit the flat at midnight as a £400 photographic model and not as an escort. Norwegian Carlsen said: "I was convinced I was going to die.

"George handcuffed me to a hook by the bed as they held me down."

A Met police spokeswoman said: "We investigated reports of an alleged forced imprisonment and common assault made by a 28-year-old man. A man in his 40s was arrested in connection with the investigation."

George has been bailed to appear before magistrates

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Will the real Posh and David please step forward..

A lookalike couple who got a sports car, jewellery and a table at a top restaurant by posing as the Beckhams, have provoked legal action from their targets.

To the dismay of the real Beckhams, the lookalikes ran riot: they persuaded a Lamborghini garage to let them test-drive a $720,000 sports car, they left exclusive boutique H.Lorenzo with a $21,000 string of black pearls after assistants told them they could have "whatever they want" free (one assistant even revealed she had served Victoria Beckham two weeks before, and they were ushered into the VIP area of a nightclub favoured by Paris Hilton).

But the couple's luck ran out when they tried to drop in on a restaurant popular with Hollywood stars.
In the film, the couple arrive at The Ivy in a stretch Humvee, surrounded by paparazzi.
Waiters clear a space for the "Beckham party".

Minutes later they are turfed out after the manager, who has greeted the real thing, spots they are fakes and threatens to call the police.

David and Victoria Beckham say their reputation has been damaged...

Well I guess they're in Hollywood now so they will have to sue someone for the damages they have sustained to their reputation.... yeah right..just seeking more publicity

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Hot Boy for the start of the working week

I thought I would give some hot candy for the commencement of the working week, Daniel Norell. Based in Stockholm, the actor/model/bodybuilder is of Swedish and West Indian origin; you may have seen him gracing the covers of magazines like Men's Workout and Exercise For Men.

Daniel is a fitness trainer who moved North America to pursue a higher profile career in modeling. You might have seen his hot bod on one of the Aussiebum web pages and magazine spreads.

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Sunday, 29 April 2007

Just another Pool Party in Brazil...Right

So this is just another Pool Party... Right, actually this is the sixth in Brazil this month.

I don't know a gay boy who does not like Brazilian men, what is it about them? Is it the dark tans, the smooth bodies or the hot swimsuits?

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It's hard saying goodbye!

My Love

Five fabulous days are over, I have had the pleasure of my boy home with me for the past five days. It has been great doing what couples do, hanging out together, going to movies together, shopping and just relaxing in each others arms.

Long distance relationships are very difficult at the best of times but we have survived and are very much in love. I have to wait six more weeks to see him again when I return to Sydney yet again to party during the Queens (How Appropriate) Long Weekend in June.

Coming home to an empty home after having your partner with you never gets easier.

Over the past 5 days I have not written any blogs as I wanted to spend every moment with my boy and let him post instead.

Love you darling, thinking of you all the time..xoxoxo

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Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Frivole Swimwear

Frivole Underwear is a relatively new Sexy Swimwear, view the video below.

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Frivole 2007 Men's Swimwear

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George ordered to appear in Court prior to Wembley Concert.

Singer George Michael will perform the first concert at the new Wembley Stadium.

Geroge Michael will play the new Wembley Stadium as part of his summer tour. Michael, best known as the lead singer of the British '80s pop duo Wham!, will play the 90,000-seat stadium on June 9, three weeks after it hosts English soccer's FA Cup final.

Michael was arrested and charged with being unfit to drive after he was found slumped at the wheel of his car in the British capital last year.

At yesterday's preliminary hearing at Brent Magistrates' Court, district judge Katherine Marshall demanded the 43-year-old hitmaker make an appearance at the start of the trial on 8 May, as well as the 8 June court date, because he will "already be in the area".

Lucky boy...

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Tuesday, 24 April 2007

What will you do tonight Anzac eve

My boy will be going to homesexual at Home starting from 9pm to 9am then jumps on a flight and comes to see me, I'm excited to see him, how trashed will he be...only time will tell..

Homesexual Combat is not only featuring the world's BEST gay DJ/Remixer and Producer, Peter Rauhofer but it's also going to see in A newly renovated, refurbished and totally reconfigured Home Nightclub.

The main arena has been totally gutted, the bar's been ripped out, and the stage demolished... making way for a brand new maze of breathtaking audio and visual technology, including a brand new DJ booth, HUGE LED Video walls, completely new dancefloor and sound system on the rooftop, spanking new bar, state of the art lighting, VIP areas, private booths and much more.

Sounds awsome cant wait till queens birthday as hope to head over to Sydney to party.

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DNA edition 88 out soon

A sneak peak at DNA edition 88 out soon, a peak at the coverboy should create some heat and friction.
This month contains pictures on the 3 day gay cruise from Sydney earlier this month, Pictures of Andrew Christian’s raunchy underwear range, Photographer Lewis Payton features some of his talents, fashion pointers for the upcoming winter season and how Sean Cody gets straight men to fuck each other (I look forward to reading that story). Just to mention a few, grab it at your newsagent soon.

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Monday, 23 April 2007

Next 2 Nothing 2007 collection

N2N new 2007 collection for summer out now.

If you have never tried a pair on you might be shocked just how low they really are. I have a pair and they are so low you have to shave most of your pubic hair unless you want a rug protruding from your low riders.

I must admit you may have to select where you wear them, public pool...mmmm no, a gay beach... absolutely, so why not grab a pair, trim or wax that pubic hair and show your power tool.

I love the black,pink and white pair, as a self confessed swimwear collector I might have to get myself a pair...

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Singapore's founding leader questions gay sex ban: report

Singapore's founding leader Lee Kuan Yew has questioned the city-state's ban on gay sex, saying the government should not be the moral police on the issue, a newspaper reported Monday.

"If in fact it is true, and I have asked doctors this, that you are genetically born a homosexual — because that's the nature of the genetic random transmission of genes — you can't help it," Lee was quoted as saying in The Straits Times newspaper.

"So why should we criminalize it?"

Under proposed changes to its legislation, Singapore will decriminalize oral and anal sex for adult heterosexuals, but will keep a ban on gay sex. The amendments are scheduled to be debated in Parliament later this year.

I can 't wait for when the above act is legalised in Singapore, maybe the Nation parties will return and not face closure by the Police.
It may not happen this year but hopefully in the coming years.

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Sunday, 22 April 2007

Hot Boy

John San Juan
Ethnicity: Filipino (3/4), Puerto Rican (1/4)
Profession: Entertainment Media, Professional Dancer
Height: 5′9
Weight: 154 lbs.
Born: Yokosuka, Japan
Country: USA
Hobbies: Dancing, shopping, hanging with his friends - the Harlem boys or Knicks City Dancers, reading, the gym, spending time with two baby nieces.

I love this photo, oh how I would love to roll in the sand...with this boy!

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Big Brother's impromptu evictions

Big Brother claimed to be all-seeing and all-knowing, but he has been outwitted by a group of tech-savy teens.
The opening night of Channel 10's popular reality series Big Brother was thrown into chaos after people were caught streaming audio and vision from the show to a website.
Although many presume the first night is live the show is prerecorded on Saturday night every year in front of an audience of about 2000 fans at Dreamworld on the Gold Coast.
It is then edited and shown in the format we saw last night.
In an ironic twist, the first people evicted from this year's show were the three teenagers from the audience who were found streaming the information.

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Saturday, 21 April 2007

Australia's BB's secret: There's no cash

CONTESTANTS diving into the Big Brother fishbowl in hope of landing the million-dollar prize pool will be hit with a rude slap - and it's worse than a turkey.

As the Channel 10 reality TV juggernaut prepares to launch its seventh season on Sunday night, the program's producers yesterday announced that, for the first time, there will not be a cash prize for this year's winner.

In addition to throwing away the cash, there will not be any cars given to the housemates on their exit from the compound at Dreamworld on the Gold Coast.
"We are launching series seven with no prize money for the winner," executive producer Tim Toni said yesterday.

"It's simply to keep ahead of the game with the housemates."

The selected contestants for the program flew to the Gold Coast yesterday and are now in lockdown, unaware of the tightened rules - and wallets - of the well-played reality game.

Stripping the inmates of their inflated cash cow - the exact reason why many bother persevering through all those stifling weeks in the house - is not the only measure producers are taking to revive viewer interest and amp up the ratings of the fairly tired formula.

In another "Australian first", viewers will be able to choose two additional housemates from a secondary group who will assemble next to the selected contestants during Sunday's season premiere.

"It will enable viewers to control the game - it will be the biggest number of housemates ever assembled on stage," the spokesman said.

I wonder how many gay boys will be in this years BB House. Over the years it has been the gay boys that have made the show worth watching.... well only to help you sleep at night rather than all those shocking quiz mania shows we love to HATE !

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Beyonce jets into Sydney

American songstress Beyonce Knowles has arrived in Australia to begin her whirlwind five-day tour.
The former Destiny's Child singer, who has had solo success with songs Deja Vu and Irreplaceable, arrived at Sydney International Airport at 7am (AEST) today.

She performed at Sydney's ACER Arena tonight.
Dressed in a tight black jacket and jeans Beyonce signed autographs for a handful of fans before being whisked through a side exit by her personal security team.

She also will perform in Brisbane on Sunday evening, in Adelaide on Tuesday with her final show to be held at Rod Laver Arena at Melbourne Park on Wednesday night.

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Thursday, 19 April 2007

Celebrate "I'm Gay Day"

Fox FM, Melbourne’s number one radio station (101.9FM) are hosting I’m Gay Day, tomorrow on The Matt And Jo Show (6am-9am). AEST.
They want to “celebrate tolerance and acceptance in the community”.
So, we want all of you within calling distance of Melbourne (ie. Melbournites and those of you with a calling card or good long-distance service) to visit the website and register.
Be proud, be heard.

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One-in-four Australian's don't want gay neighbours

Almost one in four Australians don't want homosexuals as neighbours, an international survey has found.

Of the 2048 people sampled by phone in Australia, 24.7 per cent said they did not want homosexuals living next door.
Northern Ireland came out on top, with 36 per cent saying they did not want gay neighbours.
The least prejudiced nationality in the survey was Sweden, where only six per cent said they would object.
He said the results showed anti-gay prejudice was by no means confined to Australia.
So that's why my neighbours sold up this month and left, great I hated them anyway, I think they got sick of my gay foam party romps and loud sex spa parties. Don't they like like Kylie, Madonna and Cher music.
Bye Bye neighbour.....

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Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Age no barrier for Mr Switzerland 2007

Tim Wielandt was the oldest candidate competing for the title of the most handsome Swiss citizen, said he was overwhelmed to have won the contest.
He beat off competition from 14 other men ? among them the son of a parliamentarian : during a live television show broadcast from Geneva on Saturday evening.

Winner - Tim Wielandt

Wielandt, who is 1.87 metres tall and weighs 80 kg, won over the voting public with his charm and humour, presenting himself as a "man in his prime".

The student of "interaction design" also works as a web designer. He lives in Meggen, in canton Lucerne in the German:speaking part of Switzerland.


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Summer's not over yet

Adelaide is still experiencing beautiful warm sunny days, It's still warm enough to go to the beach and enjoy the water.... what....oh and the sights. If only this hot guy was at my beach..

These hot pictures are dedicated to a close friend Leonard..

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Monday, 16 April 2007

Grey's Anatomy wins Pro Gay Award

Hit show Grey's Anatomy has been honored by a gay organisation despite recent criticism of its lead actor for using a homophobic slur.
The show was given the Outstanding Individual Episode award for Where The Boys Are by The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (glaad) last Saturday Night.
Actor Isaiah Washington came under fire last year (06) after using an anti-gay slur to talk about a co-star.
Other winners included Little Miss Sunshine for Outstanding Film, while Ugly Betty won Outstanding Television Comedy Series and Brothers & Sisters took home the Outstanding Drama Series award.
Hollywood actress Jennifer Aniston and tennis great Martina Navratilova were also praised for their work in promoting gay rights.

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Sunday, 15 April 2007

Kimba dances to DJ Shigeki

Last night at the Midnight Shift in Sydney, Kimba the lion cub partied, It was a first time in Sydney for Kimba and he loved it so much he stayed.

Kimba was reluctant to leave, he decided to stay with DJ Shigeki and the lighting control operator to spend the next 6 weeks partying his ass off.

If you visit upstairs on a Saturday night, do me a favor ask the lighting operator or Dj Shigeki where is Kimba? or write on a piece of paper - "Nick says hello and hopes Kimba is well" then stand back and wait for their reaction...

Kimba at the Shift last night.. what a party queen cub
It was the first time I had heard DJ Shigeki too and I loved his style, he is rapidly climbing the ranks playing at major gay parties in Sydney, he is also soon to leave to play on the gay cruises in the states.
Not to mention he is a real cutie, not hard on the eyes at all.

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"Surprise", I yelled as my Partner opened his door in Sydney.

Last Wednesday I flew to Sydney to spend 5 days with my partner, all of our friends knew I was coming but my boy had no idea. I was picked up at the airport by a lovely friend Leonard (thanks darling) and he dropped me off and escorted me through the security entrance so I could freak out my boy.

As my boy opened the door I put my face in and said "Surprise", his reaction made it all worth while, a big hug and pash, I was so happy to see him being a month since my last visit.

During the four days I caught up with my dearest friends Bruce and Leonard for dinner and Partied with them last night uptairs at Midnight Shift.

Returning today, I thought it's not often that we get to do things to surprise our loved one's, as life is so busy these days. This was a first for me, I have always wanted a surprise, just maybe my boy will think of one to get me back.

Special thanks to David for making the flight possible with Virgin Blue.

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Saturday, 14 April 2007

Prince William and Kate Middleton split

Prince William and his long-term girlfriend Kate Middleton have split up, according to reports.

The couple, who met at St Andrews University, have reached an "amicable agreement" to end their relationship.
A source quoted in the Sun newspaper confirmed the 24-year-old second-in-line to the throne and 25-year-old Kate had gone their separate ways.

The split was caused by the huge pressures on the young couple and because of the time William has devoted to Army life, the paper said.

Kate was harassed by the paparazzi from very early in the relationship, one of the worst cases of "in your face" was the photo above. How would you cope with someone sticking a camera in your face, I know I would push them to the ground...

A well known royal observer said less than a month ago that they would never get married as the Queen did not approve of Kate's mother and did not believe Kate was good enough for William.

What a bitch, the Queen has no right to decide who is good enough for William. Oh I'm glad I'm not a Royal, imagine being a gay Royal..

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Hot Boy

Jerome Ortiz is originally from the Philippines now resides in Cologne Germany, he is a Sports Journalist at the German Sports University and Model. He enjoys working out obviously.

He plays basketball, soccer and likes a swim. Motto is "DO what u really want to do and you are going to be successful".

From what I can see he is very successful, listed in the top 5 models with the Daily Model Agency. From any view Jerome is hot.

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Nic awarded Order of Australia Medal

ACTORESS Nicole Kidman added another gong to her collection yesterday when she received her Order of Australia medal at a ceremony in Canberra.

Kidman was made a companion of the Order of Australia on Australia Day last year, but film commitments in the US and her wedding to singer Keith Urban late last year delayed the presentation.

The actress was awarded for her service to the performing arts as an acclaimed motion picture performer as well as her charity work with women, children and cancer research.

Both Keith and Nicoles Parents were present to the invitation only presentation.
Nicole took her place happily in the que with 40 others declining a private presentation.

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Friday, 13 April 2007

More Kylie..

As a self confessed Kylie lover, I feel obligated to share some more images of the Pop Princess from her photo shoot for H&M.

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Thursday, 12 April 2007

Kylie in China to promote first H&M store

SPORTING yet another glamorous make-over, Kylie Minogue last night proved she is the master of reinvention as she stepped out for the opening of China's first H&M store to promote her new swimwear range.

The singer has taken on the role of bikini babe of European fast fashion giant H&M, putting the finishing stitches to a new swimwear line earlier this month.

Last night in Shanghai, Kylie did her own take on the Suzie Wong look. Her boyish crop was replaced with a sleek blonde bob, pulled back from her face with a hair slide

She sang with a cast of over 100 dancers and models.

This would have to be the hottest I have seen Kylie, she is an amazing woman, to be able to return to the top after so many dissapointments with love, and the successful battle of cancer. she is an inspiration to all who think they are suffering..


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Wednesday, 11 April 2007

Ugly Betty.. I don't think so..She's Hot

Coming from a Gay man I know this might sound weird, but wow this girl is sexy, appearing on the cover of W magazine this month AMERICA FERRERA has undergone a sexy makeover.

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