Wednesday, 21 March 2007

World Police and Fire Games

10,000 of the World's best Police and Firefighters are in Adelaide at the moment competing in sports similar to that of the Olympic Games.

I have spent most of my free time at the Ice Hockey arena where teams from Russia, Finland, America, Canada, Czech Republic, Australia and Norway have been competing.

Although my understanding of the sport is limited I have been explained most of the rules which has been great.

I have noticed their are some really hot guys under all that padding, I thought I would tease you all, with a couple of images.

Czech Fire vs Vancouver Fire

I love Ice Hockey, ever since I went to a game in Seattle I have tried to watch the Stanley Cup but this is only on Foxtel which I cancelled two years ago.

The pace of the game the bumps and checks, it really is a great spectator sport. I know as a gay boy this might seem weird but I love the V8's and theAFL too.

Don't worry I love to watch swimming and diving, that does make up for it.........?

I must say this event is bigger than I ever imagined with over 30 million dollars expected to be injected into our economy.

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Trevor said...

Hey there. Just stumbled on your blog - lots of interesting material!! Good work (I'm just starting up my own blog and doing some comparative research...). Keep up the good work!