Saturday, 24 March 2007

What a Week ....It's alright I'm O K

What a week.

I attended a house fire which was fully involved in fire, while inside, in the smoke I was using a thermal imaging camera when one of my legs went straight through the floor, one leg went right through the other twisted and remained above the floor.

I was stuck, the house was still on fire, thankfully the other guys noticed I was about 3 feet shorter than normal and they pulled me out.

Two days later I was driving from a soccer game to the ice hockey when, I had my first car crash, after a clean record for for 23 years I was involved in a chain accident.

I was hit from behind (Oh I like that) and then got slammed into the guy in front of me. I know sounds like my fantasy being in the middle but this was a car accident remember. So my ass and front are a little worse for wear.

When I got hit you would anticipate a gay boy to screech, but I just yelled out "FUCK" then got out of my car. The next word was "FUCK" when I looked at my car. I wanted a full right off, I was disappointed with the minimal damage.

All should be fine, my car will be fixed next week, at no cost to me and I am fine, thankfully no injuries.

So I am O K as I would say to Bruce & Leonard on the dance floor off my face..

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