Sunday, 25 March 2007

Next Top Model catfight

A BITCH fight resulting in a dismissal has broken out behind the scenes of Australia's Next Top Model.The Foxtel reality show was packed with more stitches and bitches action off-camera than on last week, when male stylists Jonathan Pease and Dario Cotroneo came to blows over a disagreement on the models' hairstyles.

Just minutes before the model wannabes were due to hit the catwalk in a Bonds fashion parade at Paddington's Fringe Bar, the simmering tempers exploded after fashion guru Pease quizzed Cotroneo - the program's hairstylist - over the dos.

The argument turned into a scuffle, with series producer Margee Brown forced to break up the fight as shocked fashionistas watched open-mouthed. "The girls were about 20 seconds before going on stage and Dario was fixing their hair, but Jonathan came out and asked him what the hell he was doing,'' one onlooker told Confidential yesterday.

"It was pretty full-on. They got into a shoving match and had to be pulled apart. From what I understand, there has been bad blood between them since the show started.''

As Pease's role is integral to the program, it was Cotroneo who was asked not to return to the set the following morning, and he has not worked on the program since.

"We're all working pretty hard, everyone's in each other's faces, and unfortunately things can get out of hand,'' a spokeswoman for the program said yesterday.


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