Sunday, 25 March 2007

Best-dressed garbage collector

SUPERMODEL Naomi Campbell is the best-dressed garbage collector in New York City, treating her community service as another trip down the runway.

Wearing a $US8000 floor-length Dolce&Gabbana gown and stiletto heels, Campbell looked like she was heading to the Oscars.

After her final day of penance, she stepped into her chauffeur-driven silver Rolls-Royce and sped away to freedom as locals watched in amazement.

The model, 36, had pleaded guilty to assault for throwing a phone at her maid last year in Campbell's Park Ave apartment over a missing pair of jeans. The crystal-encrusted phone hit Ana Scolavino in the head, and she required four stitches.

In an agreement negotiated with prosecutors, Campbell was ordered to perform five days of community service, take anger management classes and pay $US363 ($A450) in restitution to Scolavino, as well as pay her hospital bills.

Her duties at the sanitation facility included cleaning "pretty dirty" toilets.
Some may have expected Campbell to wear grubby work clothes, but instead she wore a range of glamorous outfits during the week, including designer sunglasses, black patent stiletto boots and a cropped fur jacket.


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