Wednesday, 29 August 2007

A Break I Needed

Over the past two weeks I have been working so hard in preparation for my move to Sydney, building a pool fence around my spa, sorting out my tools, cleaning out my shed, advertising and trying to sell belongings whilst dealing with tradesmen, real estate agents and making minor repairs.

Moving is always stressful but the combination of moving to another organisation is terrifying, I had run myself down so much with stress that I became ill. Having no energy I almost fainted when I walked, I had to just stop everything and focus on getting better.

I needed a break from my blog's, I even considered stopping completely as I was worried that I had no time to even check my emails.

I believe the break was good and I feel a little refreshed as my health becomes back to normal.

I thank you all for being understanding as I hit the wall to speak very hard!

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Denmark Gay Pride

Over the weekend it was Denmark's turn to celebrate, and celebrate the did, sexy smooth and defined boys proudly showing off their bodies.

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Friday, 24 August 2007

I am so sorry

To my dearest blog readers, I must apologise as since returning from Sydney I have not had any time to even relax, what with real estate agents, and trying to arrange removalists and working 62 hours this week I have had no time to do a dam thing.

This afternoon I just found out I have to erect a fence around my spa.....great! so guess what I'm now doing tomorrow ??? Building a bloody fence around my spa!

It is never ending with just over three weeks before I move I am very worried and my stress levels are starting to peek, oh and my agent rang and tells me I am going to be in a movie as a policeman, great so when the hell is that? I asked, oh a couple of days before you leave he said..., I honestly can't wait till all of this stress is over.....
I will catchup with some more posts in the next few days with updates on my

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Thursday, 23 August 2007

DNA holds Sexiest Men Night

DNA held a Sexiest Men Alive party at Will and Toby's, Taylor Square(Sydney), last night and it was a huge.

Zach and David from Big Brother were there, as were Mark and John, two hot speedo waiters who kept the crowd entertained simply by walking about in their speedos and sneakers.

A bunch of DNA coverboys were also at the party, and Michal Nicolas from Boy Around Town TV arrived with his camera crew in tow and filmed a Sexiest Men Alive special for his show.

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Monday, 20 August 2007

Returning Home

After a relaxing 3 1/2 weeks in Sydney, I flew back into Adelaide last night after earlier setting off the excess luggage alarm, and for the first time having to pay for over weight luggage. A 10kg roll of packing paper the culprit.

Today the work began for my move to Sydney, when two real estate agents inspected my property, to place it on the growing rental market.

Tradesmen booked for final repairs, all I have to arrange is the revivalist and pack...

Subsequently my posts have been a little thin over the last few days...

Having booked some tradesmen for final repairs all appears to be on track for my move.

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Brazil to pay for sex-change operations

Brazil's public health care system will cover the cost of sex-change operations, the government said after a federal court ruled the procedure was a constitutional right.

The court's chief judge Rober Raupp Rios said the ruling would prevent self mutilation by people with sexual identity problems.

The Ministry of Health estimated the cost of sex-change operations in Porto Alegre at about 1,000 dollars, and that as many as one Brazilian in 10,000 could be seeking one.
During 2000-2007, Brazil carried out 250 sex-change operations, the ministry said.

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Friday, 17 August 2007

When a truck isn't large enough

Yesterday was a huge day, so no posts were written!

I have just helped my boy move into our new rental property, a nice 2 bedroom split level apartment close to Oxford St in Sydney. Yesterday was a very long day but we managed, I have never seen so many pairs of shoes, they were coming out of the closet, I now realise I am so not gay in one sense.

I only have about 6 pairs of shoes, the above ship was hired to transport my boys shoes and shirts some of which have still never been worn.

Moving is never stress free and we certainly had our stress, the carpets were friggin filthy, even though they were supposedly cleaned three weeks ago, I had them cleaned and have a lovely sample of the water. Not to mention the condition of the curtains, smell of cats urine, oh how lovely.

So now I'm going to shame the cleaning company. I am considering sending them a sample of the water so they can see how effective their cleaning is.

Anyway my boy is now settled in, so that's great, I will return to Adelaide on Sunday to finalise my property and then pack and drive 1600km across the Hay Plains to be with my boy and with my fabulous friends.

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Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Britney's topless lesbian fling

Briney Spears got down and dirty in a hotel pool with her former assistant Shannon Funk.

According to pals, the ladies cleared the hotel pool of other guests so they could enjoy kissing and fondling each other.

Britney's wild behaviour followed her topless romping with video extra Matt Encinias in the same LA hotel.

Britney stripped to just her knickers, hat and shades and partied until 4am - seducing Matt first then Shannon.

One friend said: "Britney seemed more into this girl than she ever has been into a guy.
"Even though the hunks were hot, Britney made a beeline to cavort with Shannon.
[Source - The Sun]

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Tuc Watkins & Kevin Rahm sign on for Desperate Housewives

Tuc Watkins and Kevin Rahm have signed up for recurring roles on "Desperate Housewives," which is returning for its fourth season .
Details about their characters are being kept under wraps, could they be the Gay couple moving in, time will tell.

Watkins' series credits include the ABC soap "One Life to Live" and Showtime's "Beggars and Choosers." Rahm co-starred on CBS' "Judging Amy."

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Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Hayes savages HOWARD

Australian Singer Darren Hayes has hit out at John Howard's stance on gay marriage and urged his fans to not vote for him.

Hayes married Briton Richard Cullen in London last year, but his husband has to travel with him to Australia on a tourist visa. "It makes me angry and frustrated," the former Savage Garden frontman said yesterday.

"I'm Australian and the way the law sits I can't bring my partner home as my partner. That to me is an infringement of my civil rights -- a very un-Australian thing. I would never have voted for John Howard and I encourage people not to. I don't think he speaks for this country in the same way I don't think George Bush speaks for the US."

Hayes is in Melbourne to promote his new single On the Verge of Something Wonderful, which made its debut at No. 29 in Australia this week and is No. 10 on the UK midweek chart.


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Monday, 13 August 2007

Anyone for a game of Rugby ?

In Spain an embattled rugby team have played covered in red and white paint only. Club Deportivo Logrones of the Segunda Division B played in the painted costumes to draw attention to financial troubles within their club and a lack of funding for their home ground.
You can imagine how excited they looked when they scored !

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The PINK non-picnic

Despite the National Parks Board's official ban on a gay picnic in Singapore, approximately one hundred queer people and allies turn up to relax and share food at the Botanical Gardens.

Scattered in an archipelago of picnic blankets, picnic goer's wore pink T-shirts, pink caps, pink shoes, and carried pink parasols. Some of the chosen foods consumed included; smoked salmon, watermelon, cherries, strawberry-flavoured Pocky and Yan Yan, san char balls, pink agar-agar jelly and beng kueh, ruby grapefruit juice, guava juice, raspberry 7-up and rosé wine.

Originally a gay-themed picnic planned for Singapore's Indig Nation pride season, where participants were invited to dress in pink, and bring pink food to eat.
On Monday 6 August, however activist Alex Au was informed in a government letter that the event (as well as “The Pink Run”, a planned 5-km run in the park) was forbidden, these were “organised gatherings”, and such events would require permission from the National Parks Board (NParks).

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Sunday, 12 August 2007

August freshman goes Blond

Sexy blond heartthrob Tim Hamilton is on the cover and features in the latest freshman magazine. Those blue eyes, sexy facial features and that god like physique is the modern boy all gay men would love to create to play with !

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Tokyo Pride Parade

Nearly 3,000 gay, bisexual and transgender participants and their supporters marched in the Pride Parade in Tokyo on Saturday.

This year marks the sixth anniversary of the parade, which is aimed at increasing the visibility of sexual minorities.

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Thousands march in Sydney to protest gay marriage ban

Thousands of people marched on Sydney's Town Hall today calling for the Federal Government to legalise same-sex marriages.

Greens senator Kerry Nettle said today's rally, which began at Taylor Square in Sydney's east, marked three years since the Howard government decided against legalising gay marriages.

A colourful, noisy crowd then marched down Oxford Street after Senator Nettle condemned the Federal Government's latest proposal to ban gay couples from adopting children from overseas.

My boy and I today enjoyed yum cha with some close friends then joined the march down Oxford St to Town Hall, it was my first of many. BRING on MARDI GRAS !

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Sydney's City to Surf attracts 64,000

Over 64,000 people converged into the CBD of Sydney for the start of the annual City to Surf run, not everyone was running for personal bests - some were competing for more altruistic reasons, some just for fun and some never broke into a stride.

Many of the record 64,713 entrants were fundraising for charities or friends whose stories had inspired them.

The gold medals for this year's fun run from Sydney's CBD to Bondi Beach went to Tanzania's Dickson Marwa and New Zealand's Jessica Ruthe.

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Luminere Luna Park (Sydney)

It's been almost two years since the first Luminere, and it will be returning to The Big Top at Luna Park - Sydney on the Labour day long weekend -Sunday 30 September from 1pm til 9pm!

(After Sleaze Ball)
"You've told us what you want and we've listened and read very carefully - you'll definitely want to be part of Luminere. We want to invite you to join us as part of this smaller more intimate "Big Top only" event. "
This was part of the statement emailed to me today from the team from TOYBOX, it sounds like they have learnt from their mistakes at the last one at Luna Park in March.
This is one party I have not experienced but hope to very soon.

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Saturday, 11 August 2007

Adelante August Edition

Los Angeles based, ADELANTE Magazine's mission is to provide accurate and up-to-date information, news briefs, feature stories, health and human interest information to the gay, bisexual, lesbian and transgender Latino community in a bilingual (Spanish and English) format.

It always features some hot men, as seen above, at the Mr. Bienestar competition.

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Fab Magazine Celebrates Summer

The latest Fab Magazine from Toronto, celebrates summer and hits the beach. Members of Toronto's Triggerfish water polo team model the latest and hottest underwear fashions in this zany, comic-book style feature.

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Thursday, 9 August 2007

IQONIQ Underwear

Adventures of a Gay Boy wishes to formally welcome IQONIQ to it's Blog, so everyone please support those who support me, by checking out their range, and if your not in the market for some new underwear it's worth looking at the beefy photo's!


Their purpose is to provide modern men with ultra comfortable, contemporary underwear, created in soft, supple fabrics while engineered into timeless designs.

IQONIQ™ intends to set its own course in the male underwear market, keeping the designs fresh and exciting. Their aim to achieve and exceed your expectations, with a naughty smile and a manly attitude!

They will be launching more styles, colours and designs under the IQONIQ™ UNDERWEAR label, as well as swimwear & sportswear garments in the coming months.

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Myer versus David Jones.... the Winner Was?

This week two of the major Australian retailer's had their spring /summer fashion parades in Sydney. David Jones held on Tuesday evening, Myer last night.

For the men who love to perve at women's legs, this summer promises to show alot of leg, skirts are returning to the height seen during the 60's.

So who was the winner?, well apart from us, I would say Myer for having hot guys in black swimwear!

For over a year it has been a war between Jenifer Hawkins (former Miss Universe), the face of Myer and Megan Gale (International super model) for David Jones. Both were the special guests and featured prominently during the shows.

mmm yummy, MEN in BLACK

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1 Year countdown begins in China

Tiananmen Square turned into a festival of jubilation Wednesday night as people from across China and from around the world gathered to celebrate the one-year countdown to the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.

10, 9, 8, 7, 6 ... 1! As the countdown clock in front of the Chinese National Museum struck the exact moment of the one-year countdown, fireworks lit the sky. Scenes from the simultaneous celebrations citywide and in the Olympic co-host cities were broadcast on a large projection screen.
The Games will commence at 8pm on the 8th day of the 8th month of 2008. 8 of course is a lucky number in China.

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Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Firefighters cry Harassment

Four San Diego firefighters are pressing sexual harassment claims against the city's fire department after they were taunted while driving a fire engine in a gay Pride parade last month.

The men claim their battalion chief ordered them to ride in the July 21 parade through San Diego's Hillcrest neighborhood, according to their attorney, Stephen Stirling.

The firefighters followed the order out of concern they would otherwise be suspended or punished.

During the parade, the firefighters said, bystanders taunted them with sexually explicit comments and colleagues called to tease them for participating in the event.

"I was forced into a situation that would compromise what I hold true and what I believe in," engineer Jason Hewitt said in a statement.

The four contend the department failed to protect them from sexual harassment and didn't immediately act to correct the situation, Stirling said.

The four men, who were assigned to a fire station in the parade route area, were called in after another crew that had volunteered to participate canceled at the last minute because one firefighter had a family emergency.

My Thoughts

OMG get over it guys, we work in a profession that is highly regarded and respected by the community, that's the entire community, the gay community is part of the community it represents about 10% of the population.

I attend incidents without prejudice, I don't care where people are from, or what their beliefs are, I attend and help, THAT IS OUR JOB!, it's not up to us to decide what we will and wont attend to.

The fact that you have made a harassment case for attending a community event has put a dark shadow over your service.

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Singapore bans gay picnic

A picnic to be held at the Botanic Gardens on Singapore's National Day and organised as part of Singapore's pride festival has become the latest victim of the country's anti-gay system.

"In the Pink," a picnic listed on Indignation's calendar of events, has been cancelled after "organisers" were informed by the National Parks Board that its use of the Botanic Gardens for the picnic to be held on Aug 9 - Singapore's national day - has been disallowed.
The NPB said in the letter that the picnic is deemed to be an "organised gathering" held by an "interest group to politicise (its) cause" can not be held on the grounds of the gardens.
Singapore is consistently prohibiting gay events, just last week, Au's photographic exhibition featuring same-sex couples kissing was disallowed by the censors.
Two years ago Nation a gay dance party was cancelled by the Singapore authorities resulting in it moving to Phuket in Thailand.

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Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Most bankable actor in Sydney for Premiere

Matt Damon was in Sydney this evening for the Australian premiere of Bourne Ultimatum the 3rd in the series.

He would have been excited to hear that a Forbes Magazine survey released today listed him as the best box-office return on his salary, more than twice that of Tom Hanks and Tom Cruise.

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Mr Germany wins Mr.Gay Europe 2007

Jackson Netto 25 from Germany on Saturday evening took home the crown of Mr. Gay Europe in Budapest.
Jackson will be participating in the Mr Gay International Competition in Hollywood in January , but most importantly he will be a spokes person for the MGE organization and hopefully a role model for young gay men throughout Europe and most importantly a gay advocate in his native country.

Riot police kept watch over the Mr. Gay Swim Wear 2007 competition at the Pride Island Europa (Photo above) as they did not want to take any chances of violence.
Photos courtesy of

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Homesexual 2nd Birthday Celebrations

Homesexual is turning two on the Thursday night eve of the APEC summit in Sydney, not that Sydney needs to celebrate the arrival of 21 world leaders, but it's a just a good excuse to party with three days to recover.

In his first gay and lesbian performance – and after a whirlwind two years himself Homesexual is bringing you Anthony Callea live and in person to celebrate their second birthday.

From the heights of Idol to forging his own singing career, Anthony has always been an enigma. Earlier this year he was forced, like many of us have been, to undergo yet another transformation – but he’s emerged with his sense of integrity and talent intact.

Today, Anthony Callea exudes a confidence we can all relate to, taking his music to places he’s only dreamt of. He’s making a new beginning – and where better to start than Homesexual?

Alongside Anthony will be some of the hottest DJ’s in Australia – Jayson Forbes, backed up by Alex Taylor, Terry Vietheer, Shigeki, Kitty Glitter and Justin Scott. And not forgetting a mind blowing Homesexual show by non other than Ashley Swift and cast.

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Monday, 6 August 2007

Gay Street opens in Rome

Gay rights activists welcomed a 325-yard zone in the center of the city — filled with shops and bars — as an area where gays can "feel at ease," after days of heated debate in predominantly Roman Catholic Italy over the kissing incident.

"This will be an area where people can feel at ease, and it is also meant to be a bridge between the citizens and the homosexual community," activist Fabrizio Marrazzo, the Rome leader of Italy's Arcigay gay rights movement, said Friday.

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Hundreds of thousands watch Vancouver gay parade

Rainbows, water balloons and gay rights were front and centre Sunday at the 29th annual Vancouver Pride Parade as an estimated 385,000 people watched the spectacle dance down streets in the city's densely populated West End.

Spectators sat or stood row upon row along the sidewalk to glimpse such parade entries as Dykes on Bikes, with women in leather, tutus and bikini tops gunning their engines.

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Firefighter beefcake calendar banned

The emergence of a naked firefighter in a lurid video has prompted a ban against New York City Firefighters making any more beefcake calendars.

Future editions of the wildly popular FDNY calendar, which last year raised more than $150,000 for the department, were banned Friday by Fire Commissioner Nicholas Scoppetta.

Scoppetta acted after a "Guys Gone Wild" video emerged of firefighter Michael Biserta, 22, stripping naked before several enthusiastic women in 2004, The New York Daily News reported Saturday.

Biserta, a second-year firefighter in Brooklyn, posed shirtless before the Statue of Liberty in the 2008 "Calendar of Heroes." The 2008 FDNY calendar, featuring Biserta will remain on store shelves, will be the last "Heroes" calendar published, Scoppetta said.

Below are some stills of the boy's piece of meat that has caused the controversy..

Biserta joined the FDNY after the video was filmed and, therefore, will not face any discipline, The Daily News reported.

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Amsterdam Gay Pride Draws Record Crowd

Gays and lesbians sailed through Amsterdam's historic canals as the city celebrated its annual Gay Pride festival.

The party drew an estimated 500,000 people and took place in the shadow of a spate of gay-bashing attacks this year which has surprised a city renowned for its tolerance.

DJs pumped music from ships packed with dancing partygoers, vying for the most outrageous theme. Well-muscled men wore leather, cowboy hats, disco glitter, and little else.

Crowds lined the canals to watch the boats pass, basking in the first warm weekend since summer started.

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Sunday, 5 August 2007

2008 NYFD Calender

Some of New York's finest have been selected for the 2008 Fire Fighters calender. I will admit that the guys are hot but what a boring calender, honestly where are the tools, the hoses the branches the soot and sweat on their bodies.

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