Tuesday, 20 March 2007

Blanchett signs to be with Indiana Jones

Cate has just signed to star alongside ageing Harrison Ford in an upcoming addition to the Indiana Jones series.

While the specifics of Blanchett's role are being kept under wraps - along with David Koepp's screenplay - it is believed the 36-year-old beauty will feature prominently in the flick.

Ford will definitely be reprising the title role he made famous in the '80s - though, at 64, it's unsure whether he will be more convincing in the role of intrepid archaeologist or one of his fossils more than a quarter of a century after the original hit the big screen.

Not that he is likely to be the oldest cast member on set, with Sean Connery also linked to the project - reprising his role as Indiana's father.

Steven Spielberg will direct the flick - currently known simply as Fourth Instalment of the Indiana Jones Adventures - when it starts shooting in June, with Star Wars creator George Lucas signing on to produce.

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