Tuesday, 31 July 2007

FLAVA LIFE July / August Edition

The latest edition of free magazine Flava Life features Richard Anthony on the cover and a spread of him inside.
At just 22 he has an awsome bod, although shy he does acknowledge he has a sexy body. He is starting to do some modeling but really wants to become an actor, like his idol Denzel Washington.

He is single but unfortunately for us he is not gay.

Also in this edition are pictures from many of Black Pride Events held around America in the last few weeks, here are some of the hot boys in their finest.

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Gay Bloggers meeting in Sydney

Sunday Night my Boy (Beauty and the Bum) and I went to a get together organised by
Single in the City blogger.

It was good to meet some of the other guys who have similar blogging intrests, It especially was great to have met and chatted with Brenton (aussilicious).

We talked for a couple of hours and decided that we would love to team up once I move to Sydney and organise some photo shoot's together combining our experience and talent.

Can't wait for that..

Sexy hot defined men we are looking for you.

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Monday, 30 July 2007

Gay Ski Week New Zealand

2007 Gay Ski week NZ celebrates it's 5th birthday, Crowne plaza is the base hotel which has been completely refurbished and has a superb 360 degree restaurant and bar.

The DNA magazine lake cruise and dinner at Walter Peak is just one of the big events this year, after a cruise aboard the famous steam ship TSS Earnslaw.

White Out is getting a major make over for the 5th birthday with DJ’s Dan Murphy (Sydney) and Luke Fry (San Francisco)

42BELOW GAY SKI WEEK NZ is more than just skiing it’s a fun week for both skiers and non skiers alike.

Air NZ are offering 10% off airfares from Auckland and Wellington and the Aussies get 15% off from Australia for the gay ski week.

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Time to celebrate

Today I finally got the news that both my partner and I had been waiting 3 months to hear. My exchange to Sydney is going ahead. I will be moving to Sydney in September exactly when I was hoping.

Celebrating New Years Eve 2007 in Sydney

Wow now the work begins, packing moving so much to do.

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Saturday, 28 July 2007

Armani Exchange search for next Underwear Model

AX have announced they will be releasing a range of underwear which will be launched in September, at the same time they will commence a search for the next AX Underwear model.

So if you think you have what it takes to match this boy go for it and good luck!

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Gay men detained for kissing outside Colosseum

ROME - Italian police detained two gay men for kissing outside the Colosseum and accused them of "lewd conduct", sparking howls of protest on Friday from rights groups and calls for an apology from a government minister.

The incident took place late on Thursday, when the men, aged 27 and 28, were taken to a police station for several hours before being released, according to gay rights group Arcigay.

Arcigay accused the police of discrimination and called on homosexuals to gather near the Colosseum on August 2 for a protest "kiss".
Police denied they were homophobic. "It's not an issue of homosexuality, but of legality," said Col. Alessandro Casarsa.

"Faced with an obvious violation of the norms that govern a place visited by thousands of people, the two were written up and let go."

Italy's Health Minister Livia Turco expressed embarrassment over the episode, saying "things like this certainly don't happen in a normal country".

"I hope that these boys are given an apology because this was a bit excessive," she said.

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Friday, 27 July 2007

Active Culture by Fantasticmag

Fantasticsmag is a web-glog dedicated to style, culture, fashion and the fabulous personalities that make it happen. Glog? Yeah. All the best parts of a glossy magazine with the immediacy of a blog... and no annoying pile on your coffee table.

I came across these very sexy pictures and felf obliged to share them, I had never thought a guy with a shaved head could look so hot..

Produced by Day Job Industries.

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AX National "Get down and Dirty" Edition

Australian free monthly magazine AX National features a photo shoot in the August edition entitled "Get down and Dirty" that's great as then one must remove those clothes to wash them!

Wouldn't we all love to be in a public laundry mat when this boy came in to strip off. Although having him sit down beside me on those uncomfortable chairs as we wait for the washing process to finish might be distracting. I might have to wash my clothes twice just to enjoy the view.

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Thursday, 26 July 2007

Matt Damon honoured on Walk of Fame

Sexy heart throb Matt Damon said he used to look at the stars on the boulevard sidewalk and dreamed of seeing his name on one of them someday. So when it came time to receive one, Damon reacted with disbelief.

"A few times in my life I've had these experiences that are just kind of too big to process and this looks like it's going to be one of those times," Damon said during a Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony attended by his wife, mother and a throng of screaming fans.

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Roll Up! Roll Up! for Zircus


New Mardi Gras Sydney have announced that Saturday September 29th is the night of this year's Sleaze Ball; the perfect way to celebrate the end of winter. It's also an important fundraiser for Mardi Gras 2008.

Zirkus will be a dark, sexy and gothic tale of circus, lust and whimsy. Further details after the 2nd of August including the; DJs, ticket prices and some hints about the sparkling entertainment on offer.

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Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Anthony Callea talks about his outing!

Anthony Callea appeared on the Australian morning show this morning he appeared fresh, vibrant and when asked about his outing over the radio airwaves earlier in the year responded only as a true professional would.

He discussed that during Australian idol his family and some friends knew of his sexuality. When asked by the morning show compare, if anyone had suggested to him "not to come out as it may impact on his fan base" he replied "no, quite the opposite, my manager told me that it would be a good idea when I was ready to go that next step, and hold no secrets".

Anthony was outed on the radio 4 months ago in dramatic circumstances as the radio personality did not realise it was not common knowledge.

Anthony said that if people did not accept his sexuality, it was their problem not his.

To read his full press statement click here

Dressed smartly this morning in a very low cut top, he later performed one of his new songs from his album.

Anthony has a terrific voice and is drop dead gorgeous, I am proud to welcome him to our family.

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Monday, 23 July 2007

San Diego Pride

Another weekend passes and another Pride Parade, this time San Diego held theirs and as we love our boys in skimpy swimwear, I felt obliged to show you some of the highlights, so here is a sample of what we missed.

We gay boys love to wear as little as possible, I guess if you have worked hard for so long...flaunt it...
Phot0 credits flickr - bestgesture's , Grahambones

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Frankfurt Pride

Frankfurt a couple of days ago celebrated it's pride with a colourful parade through the city, thousands of onlookers converged to enjoy the colour, atmosphere and undoubtedly the hot sexy men.

Photo's from flicker - eagle.ffm1's

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"Chuck and Larry" overtake "Potter" at box office

Adam Sandler's faux gay comedy "I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry" charmed $34.8 million from moviegoers its first weekend in theaters to nudge the latest "Harry Potter" film from the top of the box office, according to studio estimates on Sunday.

"Chuck and Larry," starring Sandler and Kevin James as heterosexual Brooklyn firefighters who pose as a gay couple to qualify for domestic-partner benefits, underscored Sandler's box-office clout, although it fell short of some of his past film openings.

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Saturday, 21 July 2007

Samsung Metrowear Parade

Samsung Metrowear recently presented the third in this year's series of fashion shows. This time, it is The Next Generation, featuring the collections of ten (10) innovative designers. Just a few pics of the hot boys showing off their Samsung mobile phones.

Photographic credit Vince Lopez Photography

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Friday, 20 July 2007

"FLAUNT" by aussiebum

aussiebum have released a new line of Hipsters called FLAUNT,with a choice of short or long leg, availabe in a great range of colours, you wont stop at buying one!

FLAUNT features the softest of soft - micro modal fabric is used with a touch of spandex to wrap tightly around you. It is the perfect gift for anyone or to simply unwrap.

If you enjoyed these images and you want to see more, click on the link below to watch the video, you wont regret it... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WIylp-SrEL4

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Image Magazine Photo Spread

Thai magazine Image never dissapoints with yet another sexy photo spread, here are some sexy pitures for your enjoyment.

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Ian Roberts Cover -The Advocate

Ex Australian Rugby Player Ian Roberts is the cover Boy for next months Edition of the Advocate. At 41 years of age he still looks as he did when he was at the pinacle of Ruby League.

In an interview featured in the edition he mentions how he is refered as "the gay rugby player", he mentions the way casting directors in Australia have perceived him since he came out officially in 1995, becoming the only major international male athlete in team sports to come out while still playing at the elite level.

“But that’s one of the things I have no control over. I’ve been lucky to have worked professionally off and on—mostly on—since I graduated from NIDA [Sydney’s National Institute of Dramatic Art] in 2004.”

Still, he admits to the insecurities plaguing any out actor: “I’m never sure if I didn’t get the job because I’m the gay rugby player or because I wasn’t good at the audition. I wish I didn’t think that way, but I do.”
Source The Advocate

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Thursday, 19 July 2007

Gay firefighters give thumbs-up to Chuck & Larry

The nation’s oldest advocacy group for LGBT firefighters has likened the upcoming film I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry to the real process of coming out to coworkers.

“The coming-out process in the movie mirrors what I, and many of my colleagues, have gone through on the job,” said Mike Vissichelli, president of Fire FLAG/EMS in a statement.

“Initially we may have dealt with disbelief, disdain, and even prejudice from our fellow firefighters. But significantly, as in our experiences, the film shows the process gay firefighters go through on the job as they move toward acceptance by their fellow firefighters.”

Vissichelli said that the Fire Department of New York’s efforts have improved to be more accommodating to its LGBT employees.
“While I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry is a broad comedy,” he said, “the reality is, there are gay firefighters in many departments across the country, including the FDNY.”

(The Advocate)

I will see the movie next week when in Sydney with my bf, I am really looking forward to it as I came out to some of my fellow fire fighters recently, and it is never easy at any work place but the fire service is probably one of the hardest.

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Mardi Gras in talks to hold Harbour Party

New Mardi Gras (NMG) Sydney organisers have discussed taking over the Harbour Party during the festival in Sydney next year.

Of course we all remember the fiasco earlier this year when the police raided the party arresting many party goers on drug possession and use resulting in the closure of the party 2 hours early.

Was it political or was it the fact organisers did not have a good relationship with the police, who knows.

NMG wish to bring back the party to it's original splendor prior to Azure taking over in 2003.

So this is one party that might be worth checking out next year, even though we said Azure is dead, well yes it is but NMG will change this party to one worth attending again.

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Hello Sailor - August Edition of Men

Recently about 8,000 American Sailors converged into Sydney Harbour, one could only dream of finding a hot sailor like Rick Lopez featured on the cover of the August Edition of Men Magazine to take home for some maintenance work.

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Rupert Everett Needs A Boyfriend...pick me!

Prince Charming is looking for his own Prince Charming says the Daily Mirror.

His autobiographical tell-all Red Carpets And Other Banana Skins has just come out in paperback, hence the interview.

"I'd really like to be in a relationship ... I'm just not very good at relationships, but I'd like to be in one". said Rupert.

I met Rupert in March this year after the Sydney Mardi Gras, well it was on Sunday night at Inquisition a leather and denim party. He was just wearing jeans, and was on the prowl.

I said "hello" and told him I loved some of his movies, (I felt stupid after, but I later wondered what would be like to be his bf. Imagine telling your mum that you have met someone nice and his name was Rupert. Further more, imagine taking him to the family bbq get together.)

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Wednesday, 18 July 2007

John Tavolta Ignores Gay Rumours

John Travolta refusing to let sexuality rumours bother him - because he has been gossiped about throughout his career.

Despite being married with children, gossips have suggested the Hairspray star is gay.
But Travolta says, "A lot of people have said all sorts of things about me over the years. If I took notice of them, I'd never do anything with my life.

I try not to be cynical and to let it all bounce off.

"I was accused the other day of being homophobic. That's also untrue. My view has always been that fame comes at a price - you pay that price with gossip and rumours."

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Hong Kong Court Rules Public Gay Sodomy Not Criminal

The highest court in Hong Kong decriminalized gay public sodomy Tuesday in a ruling advocates are calling a victory for China’s gay rights movement.

A panel of five top judges unanimously ruled that two men, who acknowledged engaging in anal sex in a parked car, should not be subject to the country’s maximum penalty of five years in prison.

According to the Associated Press, Chief Justice Andrew Li said in the ruling that the law targets homosexuals and "does not criminalize heterosexuals for the same or comparable conduct."
The case was the first prosecution of the 1991 law.

After the two men challenged the charges, lower courts ruled in their favor, but the government appealed to Hong Kong's Court of Final Appeal.

Director of Hong Kong Human Rights Monitor, Law Yuk-kai, called the judgment a "key blow" to the existing law and an "important milestone" for gay rights. He told Hong Kong’s The Standard that the judgment fundamentally questioned the law for being discriminatory against homosexuals, and the appellant could not prove the reason for singling out gays in the ordinance, while the Basic Law guaranteed that everyone shall be equal before the law.

"In future, even though the law remains, the police would find it difficult to apply with the latest ruling," Law said to The Standard.

Society for Truth and Light - a conservative Christian group - called the verdict "regrettable" and "disappointing," saying it has set a "dangerous precedent."

Choi Chi-sum, general secretary of the group, told The Standard, "What the people are worried about is that indecent acts in public places are inappropriate. It's not about whether hetero or homo sex is involved. Whoever is involved in such acts should be punished and it shouldn't become someone's talisman.”

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