Thursday, 24 April 2008

1 Million Hits and Growing

Last night a great milestone was achieved, the 1 millionth hit to my blog, a BIG THANKS to everyone who has taken time out to check what's going on in my life and what I believe is important to the GLBT community.

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Tuesday, 22 April 2008


Congratulations DNA on your 100th edition which hits the news stands tomorrow, what a fantastic feat, thanks on behalf of the viewers of my blog for bringing us the thousands of eye candy images.

Keep them coming....

Surf Life Savers were chosen for the 100th Edition of DNA, the shoot took place at dawn as it symbolises hope, fresh starts, new beginnings, untapped potential and vitality.

To Pedro Virgil and the team responsible for bringing us these images a big thanks and what a great tribute.  Having been one myself I know how much time is sacrificed to serve the community.

Although we gay boys dream about being carried out of the sea by a hot toned, tanned golden Aussie boy, I honestly would rather be wide awake being carried into the bedroom.

Above Photo credits to Pedro Virgil.

It wouldn't be a DNA edition without eye candy in wet swimwear...

Photo credits Thomas Knights

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Monday, 21 April 2008


Afraid to wear speedo-style swimwear...? 

Afraid what your friends will say ? 

Please...get over it!..and challenge your fears!... 

ADVENTURES OF A GAY BOY welcomeS IQONIQ and is proud to assist in supporting a magnificent quality brand.  

Is the brief losing its magnitude & its power too the Board shorts....?   

Well not if it depends on IQONIQ™. Even if IQONIQ™ might also launch the popular Board Shorts in the near future, the brief will be the popular choice for IQONIQ™. In Europe the brief is as popular as always...but IQONIQ™  hopes to see the brief  becoming more popular in the USA. 


With slogans like : “Get what you want, by showing of what you’ve got”, “Wear it....Love it...!” and very importantly “ITS ALL ABOUT HOW YOU WEAR IT !”  IQONIQ™ is out to set its own course in the swimwear market.

IQONIQ’s swimwear & beachwear briefs are getting great reviews for its comfortable fit, and its athletic & stylish look! this due to the high quality of fabrics & good design. This has never been overlooked by the driving force & founder of IQONIQ™.

Challenging the fear that many well- known brands seem to have, by always choosing the safe & standard ‘(dark)blond haired & bleu-eyed model’ type, is an issue that IQONIQ™ never had to challenge. 

Just take a look at the gorgeous men from all corners of the world IQONIQ™ has chosen for their worldwide campaign! Basically this proves there is nothing to be afraid about. 


“Our purpose is to provide modern men with ultra comfortable, contemporary swimwear, beachwear & underwear products.” 

Created in soft, supple fabrics and engineered into timeless designs. High quality products at affordable prices, for every men’s need! 

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Tyson Ballou in D&G

Tyson Ballou is one of the fashion industry's biggest supermodels. The 30-year old Texan has been modeling for over 15 years and has worked with world's greatest labels, such as Giorgio Armani, Versace, Calvin KleinTommy Hilfiger and Dolce and Gabbana.

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Monday, 14 April 2008

School Formal Bans Gay Partners

Anglican Church Grammar School in Brisbane has put its foot down, telling a gay student that he, and eight other gay students, are not allowed to bring their partners to the high school formal. The students are now considering boycotting the formal entirely.

Dr Philip Aspinall, head of the Anglican Church, has told ABC Radio that while the gay students should be treated with the utmost respect, it’s also a decision that the school has to make on its own.

“It’s a great pity… Most people who go to a school formal go with a friend and there is no sexual relationship involved.”

According to the Courier Mail, the student who initially approached the school about the matter felt let down by his school when he was told that the rules only allowed boys to bring female partners.

”[The school] said to me, ‘if you start a political movement this is going to get blown out of proportion. If you go quietly about this and if you don’t cause us too much trouble, we will just quietly change the rules so they’re allowed and no one gets hurt’,” said the student, who wishes to remain anonymous.

“At the start of 2006, there was no one at the school who was openly gay… but now there are dozens.

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Saturday, 12 April 2008

Rocks on Saturday

Today I managed to get my boy out of the apartment away from his computer and blog to go for a stroll through the beautiful Rocks area next to Sydney Harbor.  We came across this small outdoor market selling everything from olive oil to metal art.

It was great just to get out and remind myself why I love Sydney so much, believe it their is more to gay life than dance parties... OMG I can't believe I said that! 

Well their is a break from Mardi Gras till ANZAC Eve when were of to the next big one featuring Tony Moran at Homesexual.

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Thursday, 10 April 2008

New "JOCK" for International Jock

Edilson Nascimento, Brazil’s newest male supermodel, recently flew from Brazil to web retailer International Jock’s Hollywood, CA studios for an afternoon solo session. Edilson was shot wearing underwear and swimwear from the new Spring collections of Diesel, Calvin Klein and Italian luxury brand GrigioPerla. 

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Wednesday, 9 April 2008

April Edition of Sensitif

French magazine Sensitif features some awesome Black and White images from the very talented photographer Fred Goudon, here are some of the images featured.

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Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Positive = Positive not Negative

I know I'm gay that's a given, but when is a positive a negative?

Not being an expert on car stuff as I stereo type myself and say I'm gay, but I did ask the girl at the auto shop if she was an expert on car batteries, to which she replied "Yes".

After trusting her and buying the battery and putting it in my car only to see smoke coming from my alternator did I question when is positive negative.  Never you stupid idiot.

So the other day after I cooked my alternator and flattened my battery and payed over A$600.00 to repair  I now know that positive is on the right hand side and that batteries have positive on the left hand side also.

Sure I connected it but when asked if you are an expert on something don't say you are when clearly you are not!!!

Thanks BITCH.

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April edition of HORIZON

April's edition of HORIZON a Spanish print/online Magazine gets hot around the home.  What to wear sometimes is a dilemma, I know I have so many pairs of underwear.  I think choosing a colour can reflect on how you feel in the morning.  Personally it would not matter what this boy was wearing as I'd just rip them off anyway..

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Monday, 7 April 2008

aXn April Edition

Australian aXn April Edition features some of the delicious images by Australian born photographer Michael Andrew's.  Andrew has produced a book that feature 100 images of very sexy men called "All about Boys".

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Back from Adelaide

During the week I returned to Adelaide to inspect my home and conduct some much needed routine maintenance in the garden and spa.

I flew Virgin Airlines as I always do, but this time I was seated in the new Premium Economy section (as shown below).  The extra legroom was greatly appreciated and the flash red leather seats were so comfortable.  I managed to scam my ass back in the seat on both flights.

One of the advantages is the late check on and early exit with minimal wait for ones luggage.
Special thanks to those lovely girls at check in at Virgin..

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