Sunday, 11 March 2007

Dennis you have inspired me..

Since I was a teenager at school I have loved photography, I was fortunate to have been educated at an all boys Private College that had a comprehensive dark room (not that type of dark room, well I heard some stories) and would develop my own images. I wanted to become a photographer, my parents said their was no money in it, so I never pursued it.

Even my art teacher said I had talent and that I should pursue it, I was even accepted into a photography course at Uni yet said no.

I still have a passion for photography but have found myself in front of the camera for the last 10 years, when I really want to be behind it. I guess it's never too late to follow ones passion.

I came across these images on Dennis Dean's website, what a talented photographer he is.

He has inspired me to follow my dream and buy a digital SLR camera to replace my existing canon body, and get out there and capture life.

When I look at these pictures it reminds me of my partner and I embracing each other, walking together, relaxing together and playing together.

Dennis Dean Photography

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brenton said...

Hey mate, what kinda stuff do you do? Maybe we could do a trade? I need some new shots I think, i've been working hard in the gym and want to see if it shows.
and i'm always looking for models too for my own photography.