Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Thank Heavens for the Divers!

Thank heavens their are divers in the Olympics, swimmers are covered up with their full body fast suits, mens volleyball uniforms are terrible. Diving fortunately gives us some great eye candy and allows great action packed images of what we want to see! Grace, Elegance Beauty and Strength!

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Monday, 11 August 2008

Going Bald down South

The latest edition of New York's Next Magazine features a very interesting article on going "Brazilian".

Brian Moylan writes about his experience in waxing everything south of the equator. 

"It actually hurts less than you would imagine, and the intial impact is certainly less uncomfortable than that other thing you do in that position." ,what is odd is that way it feels walking down the street. It’s like if you wear shoes and socks your whole life and one day you go without socks. It doesn’t feel bad—just different." says Brian

Brain claims that he now actually enjoys it, and while it’s still a little surprising to see himself completely bare, he now knows why everyone wants to go to Brazil!

To read the full story check out my new site"Adventures of Gay Boys"!

I am very much interested in what you think about waxing below;

Is it sexy?
Is it very sexy?
Is it very very sexy?
Is it not sexy? (for the prude people)

Let me know I would love to read your comments?
Have you ever had it done, what was it like?, was it popular?

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Sunday, 10 August 2008

Nuding up before Beijing


Swimmer Gregor Tait from Scotland pulled his swim wear off for an artistic photo shoot prior to heading to Beijing. [above]


British triple jumper Phillips Idow also pealed his lycra suit off for the cause.


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Hugs All Round!


Korea's Taehwan Park after winning the 400 metre freestyle race in Beijing earlier today. 

[Below] Who knows what is whispered in each others ears after the race as they embrace one another!


Grant Hacket from Australia get a HUG! [above]


Larsen Jensen from the USA gets one too!

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Hot Olympians

The Olympics really do offer so much eye candy, the official Beijing website features these guys in their top 20 Hot List. Clockwise from top is Romanian Gymnast Marian Dragulescu, Spanish Gymnast Gervasio Deferr(photographed here in Athens 2004), Canadian Sprinter Emmanuel Paris.

Below Australian Triathlete Courtney Atkinson, Australian Water Polo Anthony Martin and American Decathlete Trey Hardee.

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Sam new model for B*Boy ad campaign


Sam Way is a famous Israeli model and is the new face and body of B*Boy's latest ad campaign.



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Saturday, 9 August 2008

Gymnastics = Hot Candy


Day One of competition and the boys were out in their tight gymnastic outfits!




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Edilson Nascimento - The Boy WET!

Edilson Nascimento
Edilson Nascimento
Edilson Nascimento
Edilson Nascimento
Edilson Nascimento

Don't you just love hot boys in white ..... and Wet!

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Beijing scores 10 out 10!

Last Night my partner and I watched the Opening  Ceremony of the XXVIIII th Olympics, and what an amazing spectacle.  With the worlds eye's on China it was under enormous pressure to deliver, and deliver they did, arguably the greatest opening ceremony we have ever seen.

The scale of the opening production was off the scale, the color, the lighting and number of participants ensured China could never really fail.  It was a 10 out 10 Performance.

This huge dome rose out from the ground and as seen above featured acrobats running around the sides.  The globe changed colors and even developed into the earth planet.

Above the the rolls of paper opened on the huge stage, we were blown away when we saw this in disbelief how they managed to do it.

The thousand drummers performing prior to the count down!

The flame burns atop the cauldron !

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Vanity Fair for August


The Long Jump World Champion in 2007, Mr Andrew Howe, made the cover of Vanity Fair for the August Italian edition.

Andrew Howe was born in Los Angeles of a German footballer father and a mother who was a high Jump  specialist.  In 2004, he pursued the Olympic dream of his family (his mother - who is now his coach - and his grandfather had failed to qualify for the Olympics with the USA). In Beijing, Andrew is a chance of winning a gold medal.




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Friday, 8 August 2008

World's Biggest Ecstasy Haul Ever

Australia breaks WORLD Record in Drugs - Something to be proud of..... Not!

Over four tonnes of MDMA, 150 kilos of cocaine, more than 400 Federal Police working on the case, and 45 search warrants issued that lead to 16 arrests across four states. It all adds up to what’s allegedly the single largest ecstasy bust the world has ever seen, and it all took place right on our doorstep.

It’s a figure that begs belief, but the Australian Federal Police claim the international drug syndicate was responsible for as much as 60% of the drug imports to South East Australia. What’s even more startling is that the initial bust took place over a year ago in June, 2007, with police keeping a lid on it until raids were carried out across the country this morning.

MDMA tablets were discovered packed into more than 3,000 food tins, and it’s been estimated they carry a street price in excess of $440 million. 

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Aussie Lover Dumps Carson By Email

What’s the best way to dump your boyfriend of eight months? If you are Sydney boy George Maloukis and your boyfriend is fashionista Carson Kressley, the answer is via email.

That’s how George let Carson know the bad news recently. “I sent him an email. I know it’s wrong and I feel really bad,” he told 2Day FM radio this morning. “I just came home one day and I sent him an email, not thinking. Then I thought about it and sent him another email the next day saying I was so so sorry. I felt bad the way it was done.”

George wouldn’t be drawn into why he dumped him. “There were a lot of reasons why. I was annoyed with him for a number of things,” he said on radio. Was he faithful to him? “I reckon that Carson was faithful to me. I was to him. I can’t tell you the real reasons [for the break-up] I am going to give him the respect.”

“I just want to clear one thing up, I was never with Carson for the money” George volunteered. “When I went to America, Carson paid for my ticket but I paid my own way.”

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Rony Augustine

Introducing Rony Augustine a 23 year old Model from Florida, thankfully for us he returned to modeling after giving it up at the tender age of 15. Rony images are from Model Mayhem.

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In a Spin over gay dance in Cinderella on Ice


A GAY love sequence in children's stage fantasy Cinderella on Ice has infuriated family groups and angered federal politicians.

The Russian-based Imperial Ice Stars show -- featuring former Olympic and world champion skaters -- raised some eyebrows at its Arts Centre premiere on Tuesday night.

Dozens of children were among the audience at the ice spectacular, which plays in Melbourne until Sunday before touring the world for the next two years.

Gay lobbyists and a children's advocate applauded the move by renowned artistic director Tony Mercer to include the dance by two gay lovers in a scene.

Mr Mercer said his updated version of Cinderella, which replaces the role of the prince with the mayor's son and the fairy godmother with a gypsy, enabled modern audiences to better identify with the characters.

And gay couples are part of contemporary society, he said.

"I don't think there is anything offensive about including a gay couple," Mr Mercer said.

"You see them day in, day out on the street."

Australian Families Association national secretary Gabrielle Walsh said the gay dance, by skaters Yuri Salimanov and Andrei Benikov, was inappropriate.

"We need to protect our children. They don't need to grow up any quicker," Ms Walsh said.

Nationals Senator Barnaby Joyce said the surprise inclusion of gay lovers was out of place in an audience of young children.

"They are making children's lives more complicated before they need to be," he said.

Senator Joyce said producers should have warned parents of the gay dance in the program.

"It is compromising the role of parents," he said.

"It should not be a surprise inclusion in the show."

Australian Childhood Foundation CEO Joe Tucci defended it.

"It's helpful as a way of breaking down prejudices," Dr Tucci said.

Victorian Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby co-convener Stephen Jones applauded the move.

"To have visibility in the mainstream media that same-sex couples are the same as everyone else is fantastic," Mr Jones said.

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Tuesday, 5 August 2008

The Horse and His Boy

Australian monthly print / online gay magazine axn, this month features a photo shoot by Roberto Chiovitti, titled "The Horse and His Boy".

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