Friday, 30 November 2007

More Men

As promised some more eye candy from Photographer Benno Thoma.

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Thursday, 29 November 2007

Beckham says THANK YOU!

For those of you who left early after the final siren on Tuesday evening's soccer friendly between La Galaxy and Sydney FC, this is what you missed enjoy now boys!

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December axn hits the stands

Australian axn this month features some images entitled "Postcards from Malta" they were taken by Sydney Photographer John McRae over a period of 8 years.

To see more of his Malta images click here.

The axn online magazine site this month also features some images of the beautiful Bel Ami models to be released in a new book titled "Beautiful Friends".

Aged between 18 and 21 years of age they are fresh, firm and fucking HOT, photographed by one of the luckiest men around Benno Thoma whom traveled with them whilst filming so he could photograph them between scenes.

Some of Benno's work will be featured here tomorrow..

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Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Beckham bends it in Sydney

DAVID Beckham scored with a trademark free kick as Sydney FC claimed a 5-3 victory over the LA Galaxy in a fiery exhibition match at Sydney's Telstra Stadium tonight.

More than 80,000 packed in to see the world's most famous footballer in action for the first - and likely only - time on Australian soil.

And Beckham did nothing to disappoint, curling a classic 25 metre free kick into the top right corner of the net on the stroke of halftime.

It was the undoubted high point of an entertaining clash, which lacked nothing for passion as tensions boiled over between the teams on several occasions.

After the match like a true ambassador for the game he walked around the ground applauding the spectators for coming.. with his shirt off of course.

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Monday, 26 November 2007

Clemente Talarico Summer Range

Clemente Talarico is an Australian company based in Melbourne.

A fashion label designing and manufacturing higher end quality designer menswear.
Their product range consists of dress wear, casual wear, accessories and swim wear.Since it's establishment in March 2005 they have been wholesaling their range to stockists nationally across Australia and to Milan, Italy.

Their range of swimwear is also sold online through our online store and two other online stores based in Sydney, Australia aussieboys and DNA

Higher quality materials are sourced locally and internationally for a signature designer label approach and quality wear in their product creation. Harmonizing ‘fashion’ and ‘function’, the end result is a fashionable product one loves to wear and loves wearing.

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Footballers Expose more

Here are some more images that have been released showing the hunks in the 2008 Australian Football Calendar.

For the full story click here

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Sunday, 25 November 2007

Greek Label MED introduces Underwear to it's Range

Brazilian twins, Gustavo & Flavio, are the fresh faces to launch the new underwear range for the Greek company Med underwear.

MED a swimwear label from Greece has launched , "Precious", a new men's underwear collection. Med prides itself in presenting the most dynamic series of garments combined with contemporary fashion that emphasises the most brutal aspect of man.

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Thursday, 22 November 2007

Dieux Du Stade 2008 Calendar

The 2008 Dieux Du Stade calendar by Steven Klein has been released.

Images from behind the scenes are always so much more interesting, here are a few of the best I could find.

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Wednesday, 21 November 2007

November Mosow gets very Sexy

Spanish online magazine MOSOW features a sexy photo spread this month, below is a sample of my favorites.

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Tuesday, 20 November 2007

DNA Edition #95

Today I had a peek at the latest DNA which will be officially released tomorrow. Vincent whom is on the front cover works on a building site and unbelievably had never modelled before.

Pedro Virgil captured Vincent wearing many pairs of sexy swimwear, his splendid physique and chiseled face will see this boy back in front of the camera very soon, I'm certain.

This morning I met Pedro and the Production Manager Grant Carroll who have produced an awesome 2008 calendar titled "Naked for a Cause".

They are both very funny guys, very much down to earth and genuine.

Grant showed me some of their previous work which included DNA, BENT, and
AXN National magazines plus many other female mags.

Below are some more images from the photo shoot by Pedro Virgil for the current DNA edition.

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Rebecca Romijn Pregnancy Rumors On Ugly Betty Set 'Not True'

The creators of Ugly Betty have been stumped by a Hollywood rumour that their 'transsexual' character, played by Rebecca Romijn, is pregnant - for real.

The newlywed X-Men star insists the stories aren't true, but they still managed to create a panic on the set as writers tried to figure out how they could hide a baby bump, before they went on strike.

Romijn says, "I'm not pregnant but it's not out of the realm of possibility. We laugh about it with the writers of the show.

How would you figure that out? Alexis doesn't have a womb!"

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Today - Remember Those Who Have Fallen

For the last nine years in dozens of cities around the world, November 20 has become a sobering reminder of the violence and danger that still exists in today’s world for transgender people.

The Transgender Day of Remembrance is now in its ninth year, and it’s a day to remember those who have been killed as a result of anti-transgender hatred or prejudice.

Australia has had its share of transgender violence over the years as well. In Northern Queensland, Ronald Brown, a sixteen year old cross-dresser was viciously stabbed and left to die.

Gordon Tuckey was murdered in Sydney, Joanne Lillycrapp, who identified as a cross-dresser, was murdered in South Australia by two people she had stopped to help while the death of Adel Bailey remains unsolved.

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Monday, 19 November 2007

Police in numbers on Oxford Street over the weekend

Police Officers were out in numbers over the weekend policing hot spots like Taylor Square and the length of Oxford Street.

The operation definitely had a massive impact on the vibe of the strip. The aggression that’s normally there on a Saturday night was absent.

T2 a straight club was closed on Friday Evening, most GLBT would say close it forever. Unfortunately the club re-opened on Saturday evening.

My partner and I partied at Arq Nightclub and while exiting in the early hours we noticed what could be described as an Army of Police lined up in Taylor Square.

It is about time, for months community leaders have been pleading with the N.S.W. Emergency Services Minister to roster more police along the prominent GLBT nightlife hub.

As an emergency services person myself I see first hand what it's like and I too agree Oxford St and the surrounding areas are not safe anymore.

Visitors to Sydney during the Mardi Gras often see a very different scene as Police are out and the numbers of GLBT people out number the straight population thus it is usually safer.

In Other News:
ACON’s Drop In Safe Space store opens this weekend on 23 November at 60 Oxford St, opposite the Midnight Shift.

It’s a space where victims of homophobia can find supp0rt, people can alert police to problems brewing and can also make suggestions on how we can make Oxford Street a better place.

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Toybox Co-Founder Passes Away

Same Same today announced that Brett Bush, co-founder of Sydney’s Toybox and Luminere parties, has passed away. As one of the most innovative and successful event organisers in Australia he bought joy to thousands of people. His absence will be felt deeply throughout the community.

Brett and his partner Andy started the famous Toybox parties back in 2004 at The Metro on George Street and they grew to become one of the most impressive and sophisticated events seen in the Australian gay scene.

While the circumstances surrounding this tragedy have not yet surfaced, those close to Brett have asked for privacy and respect at this time.

Our thoughts are with all of Brett’s family and friends.

Rumours surfaced a month ago that Brett was very ill, and that was the reason Luminere was cancelled.

I would like to thank both Brett and Andy for bringing so much joy and fun back to the dance party scene. The toybox parties that I attended were the best!!

I am certain I speak for the community when I say that I hope Andy will continue the journey that both he and Brett started and bring the fun back to parties.

The next Toybox is scheduled for Sunday March 2nd 2008.

To bring back some of the memories click on my Toy Box video's in the right hand column.

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Sunday, 18 November 2007

Missy talks about Love

Missy Higgins has appeared on the front cover of an Australian lesbian magazine, telling readers that she is not straight and believes sexuality is a "fluid thing".

Cherrie magazine features Higgins under the headline, "Missy Higgins on life, music and not being straight".

Asked by Cherrie if she fitted the magazine's moniker of "not-so-straight girls", Higgins said: "Um, yeah, definitely."

"I think a lot of people fall under that broad umbrella term," Higgins added.

"I think sexuality is a fluid thing and it's becoming increasingly more acceptable to admit that you're that way."

Speculation over Higgins' sexuality emerged after the release of her 2004 chart-topping single, Scar, which is rumoured to have been about her bisexuality, although Higgins has never commented openly on the meaning of the song.

Higgins is believed to have bought a house at Bondi for her girlfriend.

"It's hard to learn to live with the fact that people want to talk about your personal life at all, and to get into sexuality and that kind of thing," she said."I'm not that comfortable with talking about anything about my personal life."


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Saturday, 17 November 2007

It's Calendar Month

As we get closer to Christmas and the New Year, hundreds of male calendars are released, all vying for huge sales.
This is just a perve as I would live to support the Aussie football calendar.

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Friday, 16 November 2007

The Biggest Men's Underwear

aussieBum has successfully broken the Guinness World Record by producing the world's largest pair of underwear on international Guinness World Records Day. The underwear, constructed from a dazzling red Sensitive(R) fabric provided by leading Italian fabric firm Euro jersey, took over two months to produce.

Measuring in at 15.9 metres (50.85 ft) wide and 10.55 metres (36 ft)high, with a waist circumference of 32 metres (105 ft), the mammoth underwear includes 300 metres of fabric (985 ft), 500 metres (1640.5 ft) of wide-width elastic, 5000 metres (16404 ft) of cotton, a 1.5 x 6 metre (5 x19.6 ft) logo, and they weigh in at a whopping 180 kg.

The statistics smash the current record of 14.4 metres (47.2 ft) wideand 10.48 metres high.

The garment was so large that even sail makers could not help with the production. The aussieBum team spent hours on their hands and knees, hand stitching the underwear, with a team of people feeding the fabric and elastic through an industrial sewing machine.

Euro jersey put its faith into the project by generously donating 300 metres of Sensitive(R) fabric. The incredibly soft, light and easy-to-handle nature of the Sensitive(R) fabric helped aussieBum achieve this challenge.

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Thursday, 15 November 2007

Tom Brady for Calvin Klein

Retired Quarter Back Tom Brady is rumoured to be the new face of Calvin Klein underwear. As I couldn't find any semi naked photo's of Tom I have aquired a drawings based on artwork by Tom of Finland. His drawings of beefy guys with exaggerated packages seemed the right fit. I give you Tom of Underwearland.

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Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Aussie Footballer calendar 2008/9

Twenty eight of Australia’s hottest players from rugby league and Australian rules football have been photographed by Pedro Virgil for a special, limited-edition 19 month charity calendar titled Naked for a cause and is just A$39.95.

The calendar runs from October 2007 to April 2009 and is in aid of The McGrath Foundation a breast cancer charity started by Australian Test cricketer Glen McGrath after his wife was diagnosed with the cancer, which she has managed to beat.

The Aussie sportsmen from both codes of football are arguably some of the hottest sportsmen in this country, a sneak peek of what to expect is below.

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Monday, 12 November 2007

Hot Summer Swimwear

Envy Man issue 11 features a photo spread of some cute men in some cute outfits.

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Sunday, 11 November 2007

Newtown Hotel in Sydney Closes

Australia's only Gay Hotel recently voted in the "Worlds best 50 Gay Venues" was closed by it's landlord.

The closure of the Newtown Hotel in Sydney's inner-west has sent shockwaves throught the GLBT community. No notice was given, their was no closing down party, as locks were changed and security staff were placed outside, a sign in the window stating "Closed until further notice".

The folk from the Newtown Hotel are holding last drinks at Middlebar, Friday November 16 from 6pm and we're all invited!

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Carsen drops by

Eating lunch with my boy today, and who should drop past..Carsen whom a week ago was guest of honour at the Melbourne Cup. If you don't know Carsen you cannot be gay!! He of course was the star of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.

No need to tell me who looks better, I was a bit tired and I hate photo's.

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Friday, 9 November 2007

Sculptures by the Sea

Sydney's coastline has been turned into a canvas for sculptures, with over 130 pieces on display. Some designs are weird and bizarre and some test the boundaries of the material in which they have been made.

The "Sculptures By the Sea" exhibition is for 3 weeks only, so if visiting Sydney do yourself a favour check them out.
Photo Credits "Adventures of a Gay Boy"

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