Sunday, 6 May 2007

SM3 Biggests Box Office Opening

Spider-Man 3 now holds the title for the biggest opening Box Office takings in U.S. film history.
SM3 on Friday shattered the $55.8 million mark set by Pirates of the Caribbean 2 last year and took in $59 million.
Based on the first day's performance, the studio believes the film will deliver in the +/- range of $135 mil to $145 mil for its first three days of release.
A better estimate will emerge Sunday morning when the studio will release its full report with exit surveys and international figures to date. In addition, Sony estimated that SM3 grossed approximately $104 million worldwide yesterday, the highest single day gross in global box office history. The film delivered $45 million Friday in overseas ticket sales. This opening weekend, SM3 will definitely make more than SM1 ($114.8 mil) or SM2 ($88.1 mil) at U.S. theaters.

Personally I just want one of those Black suits, it looks awesome.

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