Monday, 21 May 2007

Geyer releases Album

To celebrate the launch of Geyer's debut album, readers can get three timed-out downloads and a free Dean Geyer mobile phone wallpaper.

In the downloads are Geyer's new hit song, If You Don't Mean It, I'll Be and I Don't Wanna Wait.

Geyer, who finished third in last year's Australian Idol, was signed to Sony BMG, along with series winner Damien Leith and runner-up Jessica Mauboy.

He spent six months writing eight of the 12 songs on his debut album, Rush, which will be released on Saturday.

Geyer said there was a negative stereo type associated with being on Australian Idol.
He said he was determined to prove he was not merely a pretty face.
"People think it is an easy way to the top," he said.

"I have to admit, you do get a really high public profile very quickly.
"But when you win it, or get a record deal, the rest is laid on your shoulders.
"Now it is time for me to lift my game."
Click [Here] to download three of his new songs.

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