Sunday, 27 May 2007

Moscow City Hall Quiet as 120 Journalists Check In For Moscow Gay Pride

With Gay Pride about to start, Moscow is surprisingly quiet. Not a single official statement has been released by Mayor of Moscow, unlike at the same time last year.
Even the weather is different – last year rain was the order of the day. Right now a sunny and hot weekend awaits the 200 or so participants attending today’s LGBT conference and who knows how many who will take part in tomorrow’s Pride March.
The next 24 hours in Moscow will be very interesting, the LGBT community world wide will wait to see just what happens.
Alexey Davydov, who is in charge of media coordination, said that this year's Pride has two direct lines for reporters.
“The phone has been ringing all the time for the last two days,” he said. “We have 120 journalists accredited from 60 different media organizations. The interest is already much bigger than last year at the same time.”

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