Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Back in BLACK

"Inquisition" went off without a hitch on the weekend – practically selling out for the first time in about ten years. It’s certainly re-established itself as one of the hottest parties in Sydney.

The large crowd was sexy, hot, (un)dressed and friendly.
Needless to say Sydney Leather Pride president Doug Pereira is thrilled.

“The pleasing thing about this party was the large number of under 35 year olds attending, almost half of the crowd was under 35,” said Doug.
“SLPA has worked hard to attract a wide demographic to our events.

This party shows that the Leather scene in Sydney is relevant to the under 35 year olds as well maintaining its relevance to traditional leather people.


I'm looking forward to going to my 2nd leather party, this time not looking like a lamb to the slaughter house, like I felt, at the first one that I went too during the Mardi Gras party weekend.

I would love to see my
boy in a little black harness....

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