Friday, 30 May 2008

Sydney Leather Pride Week

This week is the biggest week on the BLACK Market or should that be Black Leather Market, yes it's the Sydney Leather Pride Week.  

Thousands of men in nothing but black Leather converge into town for a week full of events and of course parties. 

Sax Leather on Oxford St is where one can get everything Black you need I've heard and is standing room only.. no sitting or bending permitted.

What to wear? ... 
"less is more" they say or is that "dress to undress" or "dress to impress" whatever as long as it's Black, leather and tight you wont look out of place.

Unfortunately my partner and I wont be attending any of the events as we don't have any black leather outfits, we only have a white harness with white boots and we feel we might be virginal lambs to the slaughter house or SLING ROOM!

Fair day again this year will be held at the Midnight shift on Sunday the 1st to keep the boys warmer, and with a number of events during the week culminating with Inquisition XVI held at the entertainment quarter (Dome & Forum @ Fox Studio's) from 10Pm to 8Am it will be one big week for all.

Of course the party doesn't end after Inquisition XVI with a recovery party called "Barracks" from 8Am till 2Pm, then it's home for a wash and a few hours sleep (refuel) before returning for "Indulgence" from 10Pm till you come down.

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