Monday, 19 May 2008

Ben Cohen Ousts David Beckham in ‘Gay Times’ Sports Personality of Year

England Rugby star Ben Cohen has trounced David Beckham by winning the gold medal in the GT’ Readers’ Award for ‘Sports Personality of the Year’—silver for ‘Sexiest Man of the Year’.

Traditionally it has been David Beckham who wins these awards. So is Becks losing his luster in the eyes of gay men?

Instead Cohen, the second-highest all-time Rugby Union England try-scorer, has scored a major hit with gay men across the UK.

“Ben Cohen is a fabulous mountain of a man and I’m not surprised he’s charmed our readers so thoroughly,” commented GT editor Joseph Galliano.

Ben Cohen said: “I’m really flattered and am constantly surprised by the amount of attention I get from gay people—to win these awards fromGay Times is just brilliant.”

The rugby hunk pushed David Beckham into second place in the week when Mrs. Victoria ‘Posh’ Beckham revealed that gay men fancied her, but straight guys didn’t.

Actor John Barrowman took top spot in the Sexiest Man of the Year category, with Cohen placing second.

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