Tuesday, 13 May 2008

14 held in raid on suspected gay joint

PENANG: Police detained 14 men at a fitness and sauna centre believed to be a front for gay activities.

In the 6pm. raid on Saturday, police from the state anti - vice department also seized 1,800 condoms.

Six naked men were caught in three toilets (wonder what they were doing) while others were found patronising the establishment.

Used condoms were found littered all over the place - (they might need a cleaner)

Aged between 20 and 30, they were remanded to assist in investigations into immoral activities.

This being the third time the centre has been raided since last November, Police have stated that they would recommend to close it down.

On November 5Th last year, police raided the centre and discovered it was used to host a sex party, they rounded up 34 men aged between 22 and 55.

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