Thursday, 15 May 2008

It was inevitable

A funny thing occurred yesterday, I called a dear female friend in Adelaide whom a number of years ago was going out with my best friend.

One day I was asked by both of them, whether or not she should take the job as cabin crew for emerites airline on an 18 month contract.  I said " absolutely yes go for it", to both her and her mothers excitement, but my best friend whom expected me to say no was not impressed.  

She later accepted the contract and worked overseas jet setting all over the world having an amazing time.  She returned and got married to my best friend but they grew apart and are no longer together.

So yesterday when I mentioned that I had applied for QANTAS cabin crew, and that I had passed all of my interviews and that I feel confident of being offered a position, I asked her should I give up being a fire fighter to become a cabin crew member, she replied "absolutely YES go for it!", we both laughed and I said I should have known "It was inevitable" those comments would come back and bite me on the ass.

What to do?
Continue working as a fire fighter in a macho environment or if offered take the cabin crew position....

If any cabin crew read this please make a comment..

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Siemreap said...

I work for an airline and I recruit cabin crew and my advise is go for it. If u enjoy meeting people and travelling, its absolutely rewarding. Be nice to your passengers and you never know what they can do for you in the future. Random act of kindness pays off. I see it every other month.