Monday, 30 April 2007

Will the real Posh and David please step forward..

A lookalike couple who got a sports car, jewellery and a table at a top restaurant by posing as the Beckhams, have provoked legal action from their targets.

To the dismay of the real Beckhams, the lookalikes ran riot: they persuaded a Lamborghini garage to let them test-drive a $720,000 sports car, they left exclusive boutique H.Lorenzo with a $21,000 string of black pearls after assistants told them they could have "whatever they want" free (one assistant even revealed she had served Victoria Beckham two weeks before, and they were ushered into the VIP area of a nightclub favoured by Paris Hilton).

But the couple's luck ran out when they tried to drop in on a restaurant popular with Hollywood stars.
In the film, the couple arrive at The Ivy in a stretch Humvee, surrounded by paparazzi.
Waiters clear a space for the "Beckham party".

Minutes later they are turfed out after the manager, who has greeted the real thing, spots they are fakes and threatens to call the police.

David and Victoria Beckham say their reputation has been damaged...

Well I guess they're in Hollywood now so they will have to sue someone for the damages they have sustained to their reputation.... yeah right..just seeking more publicity

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