Sunday, 15 April 2007

Kimba dances to DJ Shigeki

Last night at the Midnight Shift in Sydney, Kimba the lion cub partied, It was a first time in Sydney for Kimba and he loved it so much he stayed.

Kimba was reluctant to leave, he decided to stay with DJ Shigeki and the lighting control operator to spend the next 6 weeks partying his ass off.

If you visit upstairs on a Saturday night, do me a favor ask the lighting operator or Dj Shigeki where is Kimba? or write on a piece of paper - "Nick says hello and hopes Kimba is well" then stand back and wait for their reaction...

Kimba at the Shift last night.. what a party queen cub
It was the first time I had heard DJ Shigeki too and I loved his style, he is rapidly climbing the ranks playing at major gay parties in Sydney, he is also soon to leave to play on the gay cruises in the states.
Not to mention he is a real cutie, not hard on the eyes at all.

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Nany Jamali said...

hey nick. nani here. yeah shift is my home now. i mean duncha love those lasers! god... im a frequent visitor there although i wasn't able to make it on the night you went. sydney a lovely place. shift the place to be in sydney. absolutely fab. i know shigeki thru my brother who are really good friends. and yes i'll definitely ask about kimba the next time i see him! xxx