Thursday, 19 April 2007

One-in-four Australian's don't want gay neighbours

Almost one in four Australians don't want homosexuals as neighbours, an international survey has found.

Of the 2048 people sampled by phone in Australia, 24.7 per cent said they did not want homosexuals living next door.
Northern Ireland came out on top, with 36 per cent saying they did not want gay neighbours.
The least prejudiced nationality in the survey was Sweden, where only six per cent said they would object.
He said the results showed anti-gay prejudice was by no means confined to Australia.
So that's why my neighbours sold up this month and left, great I hated them anyway, I think they got sick of my gay foam party romps and loud sex spa parties. Don't they like like Kylie, Madonna and Cher music.
Bye Bye neighbour.....

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