Monday, 23 April 2007

Singapore's founding leader questions gay sex ban: report

Singapore's founding leader Lee Kuan Yew has questioned the city-state's ban on gay sex, saying the government should not be the moral police on the issue, a newspaper reported Monday.

"If in fact it is true, and I have asked doctors this, that you are genetically born a homosexual — because that's the nature of the genetic random transmission of genes — you can't help it," Lee was quoted as saying in The Straits Times newspaper.

"So why should we criminalize it?"

Under proposed changes to its legislation, Singapore will decriminalize oral and anal sex for adult heterosexuals, but will keep a ban on gay sex. The amendments are scheduled to be debated in Parliament later this year.

I can 't wait for when the above act is legalised in Singapore, maybe the Nation parties will return and not face closure by the Police.
It may not happen this year but hopefully in the coming years.

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