Thursday, 12 April 2007

Kylie in China to promote first H&M store

SPORTING yet another glamorous make-over, Kylie Minogue last night proved she is the master of reinvention as she stepped out for the opening of China's first H&M store to promote her new swimwear range.

The singer has taken on the role of bikini babe of European fast fashion giant H&M, putting the finishing stitches to a new swimwear line earlier this month.

Last night in Shanghai, Kylie did her own take on the Suzie Wong look. Her boyish crop was replaced with a sleek blonde bob, pulled back from her face with a hair slide

She sang with a cast of over 100 dancers and models.

This would have to be the hottest I have seen Kylie, she is an amazing woman, to be able to return to the top after so many dissapointments with love, and the successful battle of cancer. she is an inspiration to all who think they are suffering..


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