Monday, 14 April 2008

School Formal Bans Gay Partners

Anglican Church Grammar School in Brisbane has put its foot down, telling a gay student that he, and eight other gay students, are not allowed to bring their partners to the high school formal. The students are now considering boycotting the formal entirely.

Dr Philip Aspinall, head of the Anglican Church, has told ABC Radio that while the gay students should be treated with the utmost respect, it’s also a decision that the school has to make on its own.

“It’s a great pity… Most people who go to a school formal go with a friend and there is no sexual relationship involved.”

According to the Courier Mail, the student who initially approached the school about the matter felt let down by his school when he was told that the rules only allowed boys to bring female partners.

”[The school] said to me, ‘if you start a political movement this is going to get blown out of proportion. If you go quietly about this and if you don’t cause us too much trouble, we will just quietly change the rules so they’re allowed and no one gets hurt’,” said the student, who wishes to remain anonymous.

“At the start of 2006, there was no one at the school who was openly gay… but now there are dozens.

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Sh@ney said...

There have been some very negative, defaming comments by the general public on this debate and it is sickening to think that (so called) mature people can express such hate towards the gay community. If there is any unjust here it is the pathetic attitude of our society.