Tuesday, 22 April 2008


Congratulations DNA on your 100th edition which hits the news stands tomorrow, what a fantastic feat, thanks on behalf of the viewers of my blog for bringing us the thousands of eye candy images.

Keep them coming....

Surf Life Savers were chosen for the 100th Edition of DNA, the shoot took place at dawn as it symbolises hope, fresh starts, new beginnings, untapped potential and vitality.

To Pedro Virgil and the team responsible for bringing us these images a big thanks and what a great tribute.  Having been one myself I know how much time is sacrificed to serve the community.

Although we gay boys dream about being carried out of the sea by a hot toned, tanned golden Aussie boy, I honestly would rather be wide awake being carried into the bedroom.

Above Photo credits to Pedro Virgil.

It wouldn't be a DNA edition without eye candy in wet swimwear...

Photo credits Thomas Knights

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Sh@ney said...

I have my copy & have read it a couple of times already...It is brilliant and I look forward to many more. If I am lucky I will be around for another 100 issues...lol