Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Positive = Positive not Negative

I know I'm gay that's a given, but when is a positive a negative?

Not being an expert on car stuff as I stereo type myself and say I'm gay, but I did ask the girl at the auto shop if she was an expert on car batteries, to which she replied "Yes".

After trusting her and buying the battery and putting it in my car only to see smoke coming from my alternator did I question when is positive negative.  Never you stupid idiot.

So the other day after I cooked my alternator and flattened my battery and payed over A$600.00 to repair  I now know that positive is on the right hand side and that batteries have positive on the left hand side also.

Sure I connected it but when asked if you are an expert on something don't say you are when clearly you are not!!!

Thanks BITCH.

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