Monday, 21 April 2008


Afraid to wear speedo-style swimwear...? 

Afraid what your friends will say ? 

Please...get over it!..and challenge your fears!... 

ADVENTURES OF A GAY BOY welcomeS IQONIQ and is proud to assist in supporting a magnificent quality brand.  

Is the brief losing its magnitude & its power too the Board shorts....?   

Well not if it depends on IQONIQ™. Even if IQONIQ™ might also launch the popular Board Shorts in the near future, the brief will be the popular choice for IQONIQ™. In Europe the brief is as popular as always...but IQONIQ™  hopes to see the brief  becoming more popular in the USA. 


With slogans like : “Get what you want, by showing of what you’ve got”, “Wear it....Love it...!” and very importantly “ITS ALL ABOUT HOW YOU WEAR IT !”  IQONIQ™ is out to set its own course in the swimwear market.

IQONIQ’s swimwear & beachwear briefs are getting great reviews for its comfortable fit, and its athletic & stylish look! this due to the high quality of fabrics & good design. This has never been overlooked by the driving force & founder of IQONIQ™.

Challenging the fear that many well- known brands seem to have, by always choosing the safe & standard ‘(dark)blond haired & bleu-eyed model’ type, is an issue that IQONIQ™ never had to challenge. 

Just take a look at the gorgeous men from all corners of the world IQONIQ™ has chosen for their worldwide campaign! Basically this proves there is nothing to be afraid about. 


“Our purpose is to provide modern men with ultra comfortable, contemporary swimwear, beachwear & underwear products.” 

Created in soft, supple fabrics and engineered into timeless designs. High quality products at affordable prices, for every men’s need! 

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