Thursday, 19 July 2007

Rupert Everett Needs A Boyfriend...pick me!

Prince Charming is looking for his own Prince Charming says the Daily Mirror.

His autobiographical tell-all Red Carpets And Other Banana Skins has just come out in paperback, hence the interview.

"I'd really like to be in a relationship ... I'm just not very good at relationships, but I'd like to be in one". said Rupert.

I met Rupert in March this year after the Sydney Mardi Gras, well it was on Sunday night at Inquisition a leather and denim party. He was just wearing jeans, and was on the prowl.

I said "hello" and told him I loved some of his movies, (I felt stupid after, but I later wondered what would be like to be his bf. Imagine telling your mum that you have met someone nice and his name was Rupert. Further more, imagine taking him to the family bbq get together.)

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