Thursday, 12 July 2007

Casey Conway has the X Factor

22-year old Casey Conway is the latest home-grown star of Aussiebum, the attention that comes with being Australia's most dashing derriere is all a bit new, as discovered when the indigenous boy from Bluff, Queensland graced his very first catwalk at Dreamworld with baby tiger cubs.

Aussiebum say Casey is just the kind of down-to-earth guy they want as one of the stars of the label. Casey was spotted by an Aussiebum scout on his way to work, given a business card, Casey never called back, only after a second encounter did he take action and call Aussiebum.

He is now tipped to be the next big Australian Model with Billboards featuring him in his tigerbums in countries all over the world.

"He's naturally a good looking guy and he's one of the guys we know our customers can relate to. He looks like an every day guy but has the x factor."

My Gaydar was working hard during an interview on television this evening and I must say I'm not sure, he was soft and well spoken, so their is hope..

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