Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Gay Boy who loves his Tools!

A Gay Boy who loves to use power tools, yes it's true.

Today I spend all day in a friends factory building my new computer /coffee table. Nothing is better than to design a piece of furniture and then to build it, to see one's vision come together is priceless, I guess it's a form of art

I have been designing and building my own furniture for over 10 years now in my spare time , It is merely a hobby, one that I will will miss greatly when I eventually move to Sydney.

A very close friend in Sydney "Bruce" bless him said to me "Nick your a Gay Boy in Sydney, what do you need tools for?, get a hot boy in to do any work!," So I'm bringing my tools, I might just have to take the role of Tool Boy in Sydney

Picture of table once completed.

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Bold oy! said...

That's cool, Nick. I also build my furniture, not as professional as yours, but it works :o)