Saturday, 29 March 2008


Sydney embraced its second Earth Hour tonight, as hundreds of thousands of citizens turned off their lights across the city between 8 and 9pm to make a statement against climate change.

More than 370 locations around the world joined Earth Hour this year after Sydney pioneered the event in 2007.

"Earth Hour is a call to action," said Sydney's Lord Mayor Clover Moore. "People have now responded and it's time to introduce some significant long-term changes. One inspired idea that began in Sydney just 12 months ago has become a world movement," she said.

When the first Earth Hour was staged in Sydney a year ago, an estimated 2.2 million Sydneysiders took part.

Organisers are tipping a massive increase in participation as the event has gone global this year.

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DJ Tony Moran to play at Homesexual "Spartacus"

New York  D.J. Tony Moran will be playing on Anzac Day Eve, Thursday 24th of April at Home Nightclub for Homesexual :019 Spartacus.

Tony has played from Tel-Aviv to Rio de Janeiro, New York to LA. and last played at Homesexual after sleazeball last year, to rave reviews from those fortunate to have had tickets.
Over the years Tony has been a major contributor to the dance and pop music scene. Whether as a music editor, record producer, songwriter, singer or DJ, he has stayed on top of his game, exhibiting time and time again that his creativity is unrestricted.

Don't wait long though as this ANZAC Eve Party will sell out fast!  Tickets available from Homesexual website or Hum Records on Oxford St.

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Thursday, 27 March 2008

Bondage Master Van Darkhome talks to SX Magazine

Fashion and Nude Model turned Photographer - Van Darkhome above

Van Darkhome's Bondage Book

Below is a taste of what you can expect to see in the book..

In the latest edition of SX a GLBT Magazine published in Sydney.  Garrett Bithell interviewed Van Darkhome, here are some extracts;

“Today, bondage is the product of many things. Bondage can be soul-searching and very intimate between two people, or it can be a headless sex game reliving lost teenage fantasies. Personally, I get a shot of adrenaline when I’m in control over a hooded bottom tied up from head to toe. It’s the masculine energy constrained – ropes pulling back the bulging muscles. That gets me high, simple as that. Complete control, complete power.”

Darkholme’s first exposure to bondage possibly provides a small insight. He was 12, and playing in the woods near his home with a group of friends. They began picking on the weakest member of the group and, for a joke, stripped him almost naked, strung him up from a tree branch blindfolded, and ran away. Darkholme was the one that came back to save him.

“While tied up, he became and object and almost non-human,” he muses. “I remember his tight ivory muscles flexing, and his genitals flopping around inside his tightey whiteys. He was in pain and completely helpless.

I stared for several minutes and then let him down. He was so relieved that he hugged me. I believe that was my first male-on-male contact. It ignited my entire being. That vision of bondage and affection has manifested itself over and over again in my adult life.”

To read the full interview check out SX Magazine online.
Photo Credits :  Van Darkholme

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Sunday, 23 March 2008

Rufskin Has your Party wear

We all know Rufskin have some very sexy jeans and swimwear as seen here but have you ever wondered what to wear to the RED WHITE and BLUE Parties!
RED WHITE and BLUE of course.....

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I would like to wish everyone a Happy Easter, especially to those who go to the trouble to leave messages.  Thanks so much to you all.

I hope the Bunny was good to you...

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Hot Shots in Image

The latest edition of Thai Magazine IMAGE features some very Hot Shots, here are a few of them.  Oh yummy..

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Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Lesbians take over T2 nightclub

(T2 on the corner of Oxford and Flinders Street)

Sydney's T2 nightclub at Taylor Square is now operating as a venue for queer women and their friends, with plans to become a lesbian ‘superclub’.

Promoter Maryse Thornet has moved her popular Girlzspot event from the Lewisham Hotel to T2 where she has control of all four levels including a rooftop area. “Girlzspot is now open seven days a week,” she told SX.

“The venue is accessible to the general public only in the gaming area and public bar. But as soon as girls start arriving certain levels are blocked up for them.”

Thornet even plans to offer up the lower area for a ‘Boys Spot’.

Is'nt this great I cant wait to see the girls picking fights with the straight boys and girls who have previously caused so much trouble in the area.   I can't wait to see a dyke beating up a straight boy...  Go Girls!

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Tuesday, 18 March 2008

DNA Edition #99

Edition 99 of DNA hits the news stands this week, it promises to be a big seller with an eight page photo spread of Sydney's Mardi Gras Parade and Party.

Sexy Cover boy Nigel raises the blood temperature, photographed by Pedro Virgil.

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MOXOW Magazine Edition #9

Spanish magazine Moxow turns up the heat.. as seen in these very sexy images.

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Monday, 17 March 2008

bamboobum from aussiebum ....

Have you ever thought... I'd love to wear a pair of bamboo underpants!, well now you can.

aussiebum's latest creation is created from bamboo fibre. So being healthy to the environment never looked and felt so good.  aussiebum claim that bamboo fibre benefits your body with unique heat absorption and management properties.

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Saturday, 15 March 2008

Sexy Boys of Summer

Here are some hot boys featured in the Thai magazine Image, what beauty and what stunning locations...

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Friday, 14 March 2008

aXn March Edition

Australian free magazine aXn this month featured a photo shoot "Shipwrecked", here are the hot images from the online edition.

Photographed by the talented Wander Aguiar.

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Look what's coming for Winter

With winter only months away the fashion for the cold months is finding itself on the runway, these are some of the outfits from the latest Dolce & Gabbana range.

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Thursday, 13 March 2008

Miami Winter Party Festival

While we were dancing away at the Mardi Gras Party Miami was enjoying their Winter Party Festival.  Shown here is some of the Boys at the "Lets Get Together Beach Party" at 12th street beach Miami.

The party then flowed onto the "Rocket to Freedom Orbit @ Cameo at 1445 Washington Ave Miami Beach.

What an amazing club, if you went to either parties please share with us your experiences I would love to hear all about them.

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Transexual beauty makes TV history

Candis Cayne is making TV history by becoming the first transsexual to play a transsexual on a primetime show.

The stunning actress, who was born plain old Brendan McDaniel, plays the part of a millionaire's mistress on UK Channel 4's Dirty Sexy Money.

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Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Ship wrecked with HOT Gay Men....

Have you ever dreamed about getting ship wrecked on an Island in the Sunny Whitsunday's with hundreds of gay men.  

Well you could have.... after the Mardi Gras parade and party and all of the spin off parties you could have recovered on Linderman Island.  

Although that was after the pool party, leather party and every other party including private parties in private rooms.

Welcome back boys.... now you can recover from your recovery on Linderman Island..

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aussiebum sponsors Winter Party Festival

While we in Australia were celebrating our 30th Mardi Gras in Australia aussiebum were sponsoring the Winter Party Festival Runway at Lincoln Rd Mall at Miami Beach, here are some of the boys parading down the runway.

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