Monday, 11 August 2008

Going Bald down South

The latest edition of New York's Next Magazine features a very interesting article on going "Brazilian".

Brian Moylan writes about his experience in waxing everything south of the equator. 

"It actually hurts less than you would imagine, and the intial impact is certainly less uncomfortable than that other thing you do in that position." ,what is odd is that way it feels walking down the street. It’s like if you wear shoes and socks your whole life and one day you go without socks. It doesn’t feel bad—just different." says Brian

Brain claims that he now actually enjoys it, and while it’s still a little surprising to see himself completely bare, he now knows why everyone wants to go to Brazil!

To read the full story check out my new site"Adventures of Gay Boys"!

I am very much interested in what you think about waxing below;

Is it sexy?
Is it very sexy?
Is it very very sexy?
Is it not sexy? (for the prude people)

Let me know I would love to read your comments?
Have you ever had it done, what was it like?, was it popular?


Anonymous said...

it is very very sexy & quite liberating

Gae-Gin said...

Thought being bald down under is unquestionable hygenic... i would still prefer my men and myself the natural way (unless of course it is medically a must to shave/wax LOL)

I also firmly believe that there is a reason why we have hair down there.

Matt Dans said...

I've tried to go all bald down there and it looks nice and somewhat sexy but it doesn't last long. Maybe only for 2 to 4 days. Stubs and bumps aren't sexy... not one bit.

After seeing the last picture makes me wanna go bald again. Mmm... I do.

David said...

I think it looks extremely sexy especially when young good looking guys are totally hairless. Its fun to have it done and it is worth the effort. On a visit to Ilia (nude) beach Mykonos about half the guys have been done and they look amazing. Worth the visit.