Friday, 8 August 2008

Aussie Lover Dumps Carson By Email

What’s the best way to dump your boyfriend of eight months? If you are Sydney boy George Maloukis and your boyfriend is fashionista Carson Kressley, the answer is via email.

That’s how George let Carson know the bad news recently. “I sent him an email. I know it’s wrong and I feel really bad,” he told 2Day FM radio this morning. “I just came home one day and I sent him an email, not thinking. Then I thought about it and sent him another email the next day saying I was so so sorry. I felt bad the way it was done.”

George wouldn’t be drawn into why he dumped him. “There were a lot of reasons why. I was annoyed with him for a number of things,” he said on radio. Was he faithful to him? “I reckon that Carson was faithful to me. I was to him. I can’t tell you the real reasons [for the break-up] I am going to give him the respect.”

“I just want to clear one thing up, I was never with Carson for the money” George volunteered. “When I went to America, Carson paid for my ticket but I paid my own way.”

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