Saturday, 9 August 2008

Beijing scores 10 out 10!

Last Night my partner and I watched the Opening  Ceremony of the XXVIIII th Olympics, and what an amazing spectacle.  With the worlds eye's on China it was under enormous pressure to deliver, and deliver they did, arguably the greatest opening ceremony we have ever seen.

The scale of the opening production was off the scale, the color, the lighting and number of participants ensured China could never really fail.  It was a 10 out 10 Performance.

This huge dome rose out from the ground and as seen above featured acrobats running around the sides.  The globe changed colors and even developed into the earth planet.

Above the the rolls of paper opened on the huge stage, we were blown away when we saw this in disbelief how they managed to do it.

The thousand drummers performing prior to the count down!

The flame burns atop the cauldron !

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