Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Luminere Party Cancelled

Andy and Brett have announced that for reasons beyond their control just 5 days before the Luminere party that it has been cancelled.

In a statement just released they said that tickets to Luminere are going to be valid for their next Toybox party, which will take place Sunday 2 March 2008.

Andy and Brett stated "with our second Luminere being so close to sold out we are terribly sorry to disappoint you, We do value and appreciate your support and we look forward to seeing you at Toybox Luna Park on Sunday 2 March 2008.”

Honestly does Andy and Brett think we are stupid, after the last Toybox fiasco and now cancelling Luminere just 5 days before from obviously a lack of ticket sales this should put a nail in their coffin.

I was so disappointed after Toybox in March that the organisers took about 4 months to even acknowledge they had screwed up.

To say that "reasons beyond their control" for cancelling is just not acceptable to their supporters!

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Monday, 24 September 2007

Sydney is going to go off this weekend

This weekend Sydney has on offer so many parties for us to choose from, that most wont sell out.

Zircus (Sleaze Ball) on Saturday night is the Blue Ribbon event, the curtain comes up at 10pm with thousands expected, this promises to be one spectacular party.

For those who don't want to sleep they can jump on an express bus after Zircus to Home Sexual for the "Red Light District" party from 8am to 6pm.

From their you have many choices, food might be the best one but "Action" at the art house might be worth checking out from 10pm.

One event not mentioned yet is the return of Luminere, from the producers of Toybox. Sunday 1pm to 9 is the event that my partner and I have chosen as I am working during Zircus protecting the city of Sydney.

It has been 6 months since the last big weekend of parties (Mardi Gras / Toybox) and with all the stress of the past 3 months, I am going to enjoy myself at this one, that's a certain!

The organisers have alot to prove this time as the last Toybox was a bit of a screw up for some.
If these images of last year are anything to go by, we are in for a huge day party, some of the first photo's on the web will be here.

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Monday, 17 September 2007

Bench Body Underwear Show

Photographer Vince Lopez has brought us some hot boys before and he has not failed us again, this time from the Bench Body Underwear Show.

Photo credits Vince Lopez Photography, to see more check out his site.

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The Big Drive to Sydney

Yesterday my father and I drove from Adelaide to Sydney the distance of 1400 not 1300km in 15 hours.

Intending only to drive about a 1000km in the day we managed to push through the last 400 km's with the aid of Red Bull.

Driving across the Hay Plains in N.S.W. had to be a highlight of the 15 hour trip, so much to see..not.

Things will start to settle down soon as my 104 items arrive around noon, after all the stress of the past 3 months I look forward to settling back into my routine including my posts.

So a special thanks for those of you who have still checked for updates...

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Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Finally I'm on the move!

With over 6 months in the planing, and thousands of hard sweaty days of work I leave my pad, undoubtedly looking the best it has ever been as I try to remove the thought of my property being my home now.

I have a new home and a new life in Sydney, scared yet excited, I count down my final days in Adelaide as I prepare for the 1600km drive east to Sydney. With over 100 listed items carried onto this truck I wish it a safe journey.

I lay here on the floor of my now empty home and ponder "am I crazy?", what have I done?, will it work out?, what if? yet in my heart I feel like a little boy excited as I walk through the school gates for the first time.

Love is a powerful thing it brings two people together, so my new journey begins.

I look forward to returning to my regular posting of stories as I miss it,
I look forward to catching up with my special friends in Sydney,
I look forward to making new friends,
I look forward to seeing Bruce, Leonard, Alan, David, Ivan, and my boy,
I look forward to having friends over on those summer days for a BBQ and a swim,
I look forward to dancing and calling myself a Sydney boy!

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