Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Chicago Gay Pride

Over the weekend Chicago also held their GLBT Pride parade the turnout was higher than years past, as many participants wanted to celebrate California's recent decision to overturn a gay marriage ban, organizers said Sunday.

Parade organizer Richard Pfeiffer estimated about 450,000 people -- approximately 25,000 more than 2007 -- attended the 39th annual celebration Sunday in Boystown, the city's gay district. Chicago police didn't immediately have an official crowd estimate available. 

"People were excited and wanted to come out and celebrate and commemorate," Pfeiffer said. 

Celebrations were slightly hampered when a dancer fell off a float and cracked a leg bone. Pfeiffer said the parade was stalled for nearly an hour while she was transported to the hospital. 

The theme of the march was "Live, Love, Be Proud" and organizers were pleased with turnout despite bursts of rain. 

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Sh@ney said...

Wow and Chicago was looking way too HOT! LOL