Wednesday, 31 October 2007

axn National makes a splash

This months Sydney - National Magazine features the hot and hunky model Luke Nicholson in some sexy swimwear.

Photo credits to the taleted Pedro Virgil.

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Tuesday, 30 October 2007

2nd Pride Parade in Osaka

Over 1300 people participated in the 2nd annual Kansai Rainbow Parade in Osaka on Sunday.

Osaka mayor Junichi Seki declared Osaka the human rights capital of Japan in a speech read for him by transgender organising committee member Mie.

Organising committee member Asami Ota said onlookers were bemused by the spectacle of the parade going down Midosuji-dori to announcements of ‘we are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, asexual, straight; we are ourselves.’

This was the first year an after party had been held, the party, at Explosion nightclub in Doyama, featured local and international DJs and drag queens from the parade.

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Saturday, 27 October 2007

French Magazine - Sensitif

Senstif is a french magazine, that never disappoints us, yet again a hot photo shoot with a hunky man.

To view the entire magazine click on the link at the top of the post.

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Thursday, 25 October 2007

Superjumbo arrives in Sydney

The world's largest passenger jumbo jet - the Airbus A380 - has landed in Sydney after its first commercial flight from Singapore.
The massive aircraft touched down at Sydney Airport at 5.24pm (AEST) after leaving Singapore at 10.16am.

More than 100 members of domestic and international media were taken by bus to the 4km-long runway to record the historical event.
Sydney Airport personnel in utilities, equipped with loudspeakers, broadcast audio from the airport control tower, where traffic controllers referred to the plane as "the big fella''.

Passengers aboard tdoay's flight include 38-year-old Sydney resident Julian Hayward who paid $US100,000 ($111,000) for a first class seat and American Thomas Lee, who was also aboard the inaugural Boeing 747 flight in 1970.

A regular A380 service between Singapore and Sydney will begin on Sunday.

Superjumbo service on the Singapore-London route would start in February, and Japan could come later, according to SIA executives.

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Microsoft wins bid for 1.6% of facebook

Although having nothing to do with the gay community I just heard that Microsoft just beat Google and will buy 1.6% of Facebook for a whopping $240 million.

That values the social networking site at $15 billion. Yes, billion! This makes 23-year-old Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg one very rich man.

Microsoft will soon be the exclusive advertising platform for Facebook.

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Beautiful Thai Personal Trainer

These Sexy Hot images are of Bangkok-based personal trainer and model Prachachat (Joe) from Thailand.

Photographer - A Phothong, has a small commercial studio in Siam Square and mainly does pics for students at nearby Chulalongkorn University and apparently, Joe decided to pose for these shots on impulse.

Thanks Joe we love them..

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Most Masculine Male Top 10

When one million Internet users vote for their most masculine male star, here's how they voted.

10. Christian Bale

9. Lewis Hamilton

8. George Clooney

7. Steve Jobs

6. Daniel Craig

5. Justin Timberlake

4. Roger Federek

3. Timbalano

2. Matt Damon

1. David Beckham

One person whom is noticeably missing is Brad Pitt, obviously some are still not happy with him for leaving Jen.

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Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Timing is Everything

This afternoon I made my way down to the Harbour Bridge, hoping it would be in the low clouds but unfortunately it was not. I managed to take a couple of pictures when my camera battery pack died.
Later I got home only to watch on television the Sun Princess, the largest ship ever to pass beneath the Harbour Bridge sail out of Sydney.

With just a 2.5 metre clearance gap between the top of the funnels and the bridge it was always going to be close call.

Above Picture by Jason Morgan

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DNA latest publication

The latest publication of DNA has hit the streets, here are some teaser images to get you in the mood to read it at the news stand or maybe even pay some money for it!

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'Conservative' Singapore Votes Against Legalizing Sex Between Homosexuals

Singapore's conservative parliament decided yesterday to keep a ban on sex between men, with the Prime Minister saying the country should keep its conservative values and not allow special rights for homosexuals.

"Singapore is basically a conservative society ... and we want to keep it so," Lee Hsien Loong said. The amended penal code also legalizes oral and anal sex between heterosexual adults.

Approval came after an impassioned debate in the chamber on whether to legalize sex between homosexuals, with one parliamentarian reading out a petition signed by thousands of people in favour of scrapping the British colonial-era ban.

Under Singapore laws, a man found to have committed an act of "gross indecency" with another man could be jailed for up to two years, although prosecutions are rare.

[Source - Reuters]

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Friday, 19 October 2007

Current edition Instinct Magazine

The current edition of Instinct magazine features cover boy Brandon Kneefel, an incredible inspiration to many his life story is both touching and inspiring. Part of his story is available through the link.

Photography credits - John Skalicky

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Thursday, 18 October 2007

KYLIE the new face of TOUS

It has just been anounced that world-renowned Spanish jewelry and accessories brand TOUS has named Grammy award-winning artist Kylie Minogue the face of the brand globally.
The partnership will extend through 2010 and will feature Minogue in the brands print, outdoor and online advertising campaigns.
The 2008 campaign is set to be shot abroad in November and will be unveiled in June of 2008.

"Kylie represents our values because she shows herself as a strong woman and she always sets the trend. She's fresh, dynamic and as sweet as TOUS is.", says Rosa Tous the creative Director of the firm.

Kylie's first association with TOUS was at the world premiere of her film "White Diamond" on 16th October where she wore a TOUS signature design. Kylie, traveled to TOUS headquarters in Manresa, Spain to hand select to the jewelry to complement her gown.

"I was immediately attracted to TOUS," said Kylie. "It's a fabulous brand, rich in heritage and I am excited to be a part of it all. The more I to learn about the company and their history, the more I appreciate the TOUS brand."she said.
Since 1920, TOUS has been a pioneer in creating pret a porter jewelry and pride themselves on crafting innovative yet sophisticated jewelry designed to be an accompaniment to daily life. The brand continues to expand internationally.
It other huge news, It was anounced tonight that Kylie will celebrate her 40th Birthday next year with her fans by commencing another world tour.

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After the Sauna (Part 2 of my First Sauna Experience)

Having had a couple of requests over the past few months, to complete My First Sauna Experience and best sex ever story, I decided it was time.

To read Part one of my First Sauna Experience

The story concluded with "An hour later I had some of the best sex I have ever had..."

Story continued..

About 2 minutes after leaving the Sauna I was feeling guilty and alone, it was about 12midnight on a Sunday night. I called a guy who I hooked up with a couple of nights earlier and became very emotional.

I was supposed to have dinner with him being the last night in Singapore but I never called him, he was furious with me. I don't know why but for some reason I felt guilty, and did not want to leave Singapore being abused for standing someone up.

After being called every name not in the dictionary I asked "How can I make it up to you?", "come over" he said. "It's midnight" I replied, "well if you want to make up, that's what it will take" he said.

I walked along the darkened streets trying to find some landmark to find my back to the hotel, while still holding the telephone to my ear, I was pondering on whether or not I should, as tears flowed from my eyes. "OK" ill call you when I get back to my hotel and get your address.

After finally locating the hotel and having a shower and freshening up I grabbed a taxi, although not important the taxi driver got completely lost and could not find the address, so upon calling and handing my phone to the driver, did I arrive at the house, or was that a mansion.

I got out of the cab to a three story grand mansion with two late model BMW's parked in the driveway. Roy (might not be his real name) was waiting out the front, he was excited to see me, we walked inside, I remember saying OMG (Oh My God) nice home, like children we quietly crept up to the third level. I soon realised it was his parents home and their room was directly below his.

It was a huge open plan bedroom with open built ins , It was like a boutique designer shop, fashion labels I had only ever herd of and seen in fashion magazines were everywhere.

We lay on the bed, and talked for a short time, He was still a little angry yet pleased I chose to come and visit.

Before I knew it my shorts and underwear and shirt had been slowly removed. It wasn't long before I felt his warm tongue and soft lips stroking my hard cock. Roy was angry, he was taking it out on my cock, it was terrible, not.

I stopped him and asked him a question that I was pondering over "What does Daddy do?", I asked, "you know container ships" he replied, "Yes" I said, "His company builds them", "oh ok" I replied.

His head returned to my cock still wet from his warm saliva. He continued to work on my cock as we maneuvered ourselves into the 69 position so I could return the pleasure.

Before I knew it we were on the hard timber floor, and I am being fucked so hard, it was my first experience of angry sex, it was great! Now I know what makeup sex is like, I thought..

He went for it for about an hour in every position all over the room and on every part of the bed, all the time I had to refrain from groaning too loud as his parents were less than 3 metres away.

I have decided not to include a full description of the encounter in the intrest of some of my straight female friends who may read this and be offended. (They know who they are..Wendy & Sue)

"It was the best sex I had ever encountered"

Afterwards we had a shower together and grabbed a couple of hours sleep before I had to get dressed and sneak out of the house and down the street to get a taxi back to the hotel.

I think I had about 3 hours sleep before leaving for the airport and heading to Thailand to yet another experience.. but that's another story, and I'm not sharing that one!

So that's the story, sorry to take so long to complete it and thanks for requesting I complete the story Poon as I may never have finished it.

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Desperate Housewives Gay Couple first images

Bob, the quiet country guy and Lee, his snipy city-slicker partner, have moved in to Wisteria Lane.
Bob, the dark-haired one, is played by Tuc Watkins who has previously appeared in American TV shows like All My Children, One Life To Live, Melrose Place and Santa Barbara, as well as the Brendan Fraser movie, The Mummy.

Kevin Rahm, from Judging Amy and the little-known movie called Moosecock, plays Lee. Apparently, the couple have been named after ABC News' Bob Woodruff and his wife, Lee.

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Boys of the Caribbean

Horizon Magazine features a photo spread titled "Boys of the Caribbean".

OMG (Oh my god), I want to get ship wrecked in the Caribbean with these boys, I would never want to be found..

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Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Kylie Minogue attends Premiere "White Diamonds"

Kylie Minogue last night attended the world premiere of her documentary titled "White Diamonds" in London's West End. Accompanying Kylie on the red carpet was her sister Danni and British Director William Baker.

Kylie wearing a stunning dress with an open back, covered in thousands of dollars of sparkling diamonds kept the audience waiting for 1 1/2 hours as she stroll down the red carpet chatting to the media and signing autographs for her devoted fans.

"White Diamonds" is a documentary on her battle against breast cancer in 2005 and her return to the Showgirl concert tour.

The documentary commences in Australia later this week.

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Tuesday, 16 October 2007

U can now "Flaunt it" in a Brief

aussiebum have recently released it's "Flaunt it" underwear as a brief, previously only available in square cut short or long, aussiebum designers have answered our desire by releasing this very soft and comfortable underwear as a brief.

Available in White, Black and Navy with a variety of colour trims I am certain you wont have any trouble deciding on which ones you'll desire.

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Taipei hosts Asia’s largest Pride Parade

About 15,000 people turned up at the Taiwan Pride Parade 2007 held on Saturday, October 13, in Taipei, breaking its previous record of 10,000.

This year marks the fifth time a gay pride parade is held in Taiwan, and the event stood up to its promise to be the largest gay event of the year with a record number of participants.

The parade has grown in strength and size over the years, garnering an increasing number of supporters and participation from civil activism groups and individuals from outside the LGBT community.

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Monday, 15 October 2007

Sydney Rev's Up!

On Saturday I attended the 2007 Sydney Motor Show that commenced last week, it is the largest Motor Show in the southern hemisphere and my first time.

Thousands flocked to see hot bodies (Girls) and what the big car companies latest models will be , including their concept cars.

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Sexing Up Underwear Parades

Having participated in a number of fashion parades I was very amused by the accessories used in the Bench Body Fashion Underwear Parade.

Straps, knee pads and arm protection, one can only imagine how much fun could be had wearing these items in the bedroom.

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Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Softest Butt ever made!

Adventures of a Gay Boy would like to welcome a Fesh Jack a toy designed especially for men.

Fleshjack is a brand new product line from, the makers of the world famous Fleshlight. If you have had the pleasure of using any Fleshlight product, I won't have to tell you how good they are! Now ILF has gone a step farther and created a line of sex toys made exclusively for gay & bisexual men - and they have created a winning line up.

The Classic Jackass is great, made to simulate a smooth butt and it feels incredible.

What is a Fleshjack?Quite simply, the Fleshjack is a gel insert enclosed in a case that resembles a flash light. The insert(sleeve) is designed to simulate anal sex or a blowjob.

It is made from a patented non-toxic solid gel, reputed to be the best material available to match the feel of a real mouth or anus. Different inserts are designed to simulate these orifice styles.

For more information click on the advertisement on the right hand column.

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My first week

Now that I have settled into my 3rd Fire Service I thought I would share some of my first week experiences.

On day one around 12noon I was outed .. I was told a rumour was spreading that my partner was a guy. Asked if this was true, and promising myself that my move to Sydney was not going to be backward I replied yes.

As an exchange firefighter with 6 years experience I know how quickly rumors travel, so I took it upon myself to tell some of the others during the day.

It took less then 5 hours for me to come out in Sydney, while it took about 4 years in Adelaide.

By the end of my second tour everyone on my platoon (shift) knew. In an occupation where gays are traditionally not seen or heard I was not going to be another gay boy in the closet.

This is the best thing I have done, and I love it, bring on next years Mardi Gras parade as I will be carrying the gay flag in uniform in front of the fire truck proudly..

To the credit of the guys and gals they have accepted me well, I no longer have to hide my face when walking along Oxford Street every time a red truck drives past.

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Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Kylie Camps it Up!

Kylie Minogue took inspiration from drag queens for her steamiest music video ever.

The 39-year-old singer - who vamps it up with a latex black catsuit, red lipstick and a big curly blonde wig for her '2 Hearts' promo - asked cross-dressing stars Tasty Tim and Princess Julia for advice on how to make her electro-pop video her most flamboyant yet.

An insider at the shoot at London's Shepperton Studios told Britain's The Sun newspaper: "It's just visually amazing. It's like nothing you've ever seen Kylie do before. Kylie vamps it up in a black latex catsuit that's so tight and figure-hugging, you can clearly see the shape of her butt. And it looks great.

"Then she writhes on the floor provocatively and cavorts on a grand piano."

The petite star got the idea for her video when she DJed at BoomBox - a fashionable club in east London where clientele are encouraged to dress as outrageously and camp as they like - during London Fashion Week last month.


Kylie - whose new album 'X' is released on November 26 - was so blown away by the energy of the colourful crowd she hand-picked five people to form a band for the video

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Sleaze Ball "Best Ever"

Cast of Zircus stage show

With the cancellation of Luminere on Sunday, I was not going to miss what was tipped to be the greatest show on earth, this years Sydney Sleaze Ball called Zircus.

On my first official day at work in Sydney, I managed to arrange a swap for Saturday evening so I could attend. Not telling a few of my friends created some excitement when I was seen in the pavilion entrance.

So my Boy and I attended and danced the night away, a special thanks to Bruce and Leonard for your assistance yet again, was a blast to surprise you and spend the evening with you guys, we love you lots..

At 4am in the Horden Pavilion DJ's Peter Newton from Melbourne and Tim Graham from Sydney enthralled us with some of the best trance music I have heard. Backed with 10 lasers we were blown away with the an awesome display of spectacular lighting.

The night was topped off with fantastic performances from Toby Allen, Nikki Webster, Cosima De Vito and Vanessa Amorosi.

Everyone I have spoken to since have labeled this years Sleaze Ball as the "Best Ever", so a big congratulations to the Mardi Gras team who promised and delivered an awesome show..

Below is a clip showing part of the awesome lighting display.

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